Development Applications

From Wednesday, 1 April 2020, lodgement of Planning Related Applications will be online only until further notice.

To submit an application online you need to complete an Application Request Form of your intention including providing a property address. Once received, you will be sent an invitation and a link to attach the required documentation including a completed application form via a trusted file sharing platform called Objective Connect.

Application Request Form

You are required to submit the same documentation with your online application that is required by Council’s lodgement and other applications checklists. The Lodgement Reference Sheet provides easy instructions on how to attach your application documents through Objective Connect.

Once submitted your application will be checked by Council’s Customer Service to ensure it is complete. If your application is incomplete, you will be sent an email via Objective Connect with details of what is missing.

If your application is complete it will be accepted for lodgement and Council’s Customer Service will contact you to arrange payment of the application fees. Please be aware applications are not officially lodged with Council until the application fees have been paid in full.

During the assessment of your online application, if Council requires additional information this will be communicated to you through the Assessment Officer.

Do I Need to Lodge a Development Application?

Your development may not need to go through the entire development process. Some forms of low impact development do not need a Development Application and may be able to be carried out as Exempt or Complying Development.

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How to Lodge a DA

If you are required to lodge a development application (DA), the DA must be lodged with Council before building and development works may begin. Find out about development applications here.

Follow a step-by-step guide to submitting your DA.

Read Development Application Guide

Find and Track a DA

The Application Enquiry System allows applicants and residents to check the details and progress of a development application online, provide comment and view the supporting documentation submitted with the application.

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Access to Information About Development Applications

Council has a Community Participation Plan (CPP) which, amongst other things, details the Development Application Process and the opportunities for the public to comment (see diagram on page 8 of the CPP).  The information exhibited for public comment includes the documentation submitted with an application including plans, statement of environmental effects, and any technical studies.  Decisions about public access to all other Development Application documents (including submissions and internal and external referrals) are made in accordance with relevant legislation and statutory public interest test considerations.

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Comment on a DA

Members of the public have a chance to comment on every DA and their submissions are taken into account during the approval process.

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Development Applications Received

View development applications received by Hornsby Shire Council for the last 6 months.

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Construction Certificates

Before building works in relation to a DA can commence, a Construction Certificate (CC) must be applied for and issued. The assessment of the CC application may be carried out by either Council or a Private Certifier. Unlike the DA process, CC applications are not required to be advertised, or supporting documents provided for public comment whilst the CC is being assessed. Once a decision has been made, information about the CC may be requested under the Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA) Act. Provision of this information is subject to public interest test considerations.

Development Contributions

Council charges a contribution from developers towards the cost of providing local services and facilities that are required because of their development.

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Historical Building Consents and DAs

It is possible to search some of Council's historical Building Consent and Development Application Registers.

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