Building Certification

yellow warning triangle signONLINE LODGEMENTS: All Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates must be lodged with Council electronically via the NSW Planning Portal.

The next step after obtaining a Development Application approval. A Construction Certificate must be applied for and issued prior to commencing any building works.
Carpenter With Female Apprentice Working On Building Site

Construction Certificates

A fast-tracked combined planning and construction approval process alternative to a Development Application approval. Must strictly meet pre-determined standards and be applied for and issued prior to commencing any building works.
House mock-up with complete ground floor and wireframe roof, on top of architecture blueprints

Complying Development Certificates

A Principal Certifier must be appointed prior to commencing any building works approved under a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate.
rchitect Checking Insulation During House Construction

Appointment of a Principal Certifier

Are required to be undertaken prior, during and at the completion of a building project approved under a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate to enable the issue of an Occupation Certificate.
Interior view of a house under construction

Critical Stage Inspections and Occupation Certificates

Provide cover that Council will not issue an order to demolish or rectify a structure for a period of seven years. Usually obtained at the point of sale of a dwelling or to regularise unauthorised work.
Energy efficiency rating graph on a desk with a wooden house model

Building Information Certificates

Verifies the level of bushfire threat in accordance with AS 3959:2018 – Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas. Must be obtained to accompany a Complying Development Application where the project is located on bushfire prone land.
A wildfire burns and smoke rises in the forest near homes

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates

Verifies that a swimming pool isolation barrier meets the Swimming Pools Act, 1992. Must be obtained prior to selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool or spa.
Young Girl Standing Outside Pool Fence Looking In To Pool

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates

Must be applied for and issued prior to the installation of a domestic solid fuel heating appliance.
Fireplace at lounge room standing on concrete floor with copy space

Installation of Domestic Solid Fuel Heating Appliances

Finalises the strata subdivision of a building and certifies that all requirements of the strata subdivision process have been completed.
 group of holiday strata units

Strata Certificates