Development Contributions

Section 94

Section 7.11 Development Contributions Plan (formerly Section 94)

The Hornsby Shire Council Section 7.11 Development Contributions Plan 2020 - 2030 came into force on 3 August 2020.

The S7.11 Plan applies to all new residential and commercial development including subdivision, new dwellings, seniors housing (excluding residential care facilities), retail premises, business and office premises.

The Plan applies to residential accommodation which includes attached dwellings, dual occupancies, and secondary dwellings (granny flats).

Section 7.12 Development Contributions Plan (formerly Section 94A)

The Section 7.12 Plan applies to additions and alterations to residential development, alterations to commercial development, industrial development, residential care facilities and any other development.

Policy on Planning Agreements

In 2005 the NSW Government changed the laws governing developer contributions, allowing for planning agreements to be entered into.

Hornsby Shire Council has adopted a policy on planning agreements, which allows Council to enter into a voluntary agreement with a developer to make contributions for a public purpose. These contributions may be instead of, or in conjunction with, Section 7.11 development contributions. Any agreement Council proposes to enter into, and the public purposes to be funded or provided, will be exhibited for public comment.

Policy on Planning Agreements (PDF 783kb)

Past agreements are listed below:

  • DA/1480/2014 – 2 Arrionga Place, Hornsby – VPA – $21,945.00 – offset for endangered native vegetation removal
  • DA/1470/2009 – 39 Hannah Street, Beecroft – VPA – $20,000 – offset for endangered native vegetation removal
  • DA/567/2010 – 5 Maroota Way, Beecroft – VPA – $9,450 – offset for endangered native vegetation removal
  • DA/1370/2013 – 26-30 Orara Street and 39 Waitara Avenue, Waitara – VPA – dedication of open space at no cost to Council for future use as a local park – development to realise the theoretical development potential of the open space dedication area (had it remained zoned residential) on the balance of the land that is the subject of the DA
  • DA/1398/2011 – 12 and 12B Surrey Street, EPPING – VPA – $63,384 – offset for endangered native vegetation removal.