Actions we can all take towards an innovative and environmentally sustainable Shire with resilient, diverse and thriving communities and ecosystems.

Let's be empowered to action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, potable water use, waste sent to landfill, and on increasing our urban forest, and protecting and enhancing biodiversity. We can call do our part to demonstrate leadership and environmental innovation in our homes, at work and in our daily lives.

There are many ways to reduce greenhouse emissions, water usage in the home not only reducing your impact on the environment but also saving you money.

In the Home

Switching to a GreenPower electricity plan is your fastest way go renewable, even if you rent or live in an apartment.
want a greener electricity plan

Switch to GreenPower

Car share is an effective way to reduce traffic congestion and emissions and make the most efficient use of on-street parking space.
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Car Share

Electric vehicles are a key component in the transition to zero emissions transport and communities
Electronic Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles

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Compost & Worm Farming

Rainwater tanks store rainwater run-off from your roof and offer an alternative water supply for use in your home and garden.
rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks

Whether it is a garden or home makeover you’re after, Hornsby Shire Council runs sustainability workshops throughout the year to to help you live a smarter and more environmentally life and save money.

Workshops and Education

The Sustainable Hornsby 2040 Strategy is now available.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Hornsby Shire Council has 192kW of solar panel systems and one 15kW wind turbine on Council buildings, libraries, works depot and park facilities.

Renewable Energy

More residents in Hornsby Shire will be able to generate their own electricity through a Council-backed campaign that makes going solar easier than ever.
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Thinking of Going Solar?

Cities Power Partnership is a free national program that exists to celebrate and accelerate the emission reduction and clean energy successes of Australian towns and cities.
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Cities Power Partnership

Council is now looking for further opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint through the investigation of next-generation technologies that will increase Council’s long-term financial sustainability and deliver on its inter-generational social responsibilities.
renewable energy sources

Renewable Energy Market Sounding Process

solar roof panels

SunSPoT Solar Calculator

SunSPoT solar calculator is now available to Hornsby Shire residents and businesses, to help you make an informed solar purchasing choice.

Find Out How

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Switch to GreenPower

Switching to 100% GreenPower is the best thing you can do for the planet today. GreenPower is a great option for renters and people who can’t install rooftop solar.

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