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COVID-19 Business Support

Hornsby Shire Council commercial waste services for local businesses.
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Waste Services for Businesses

Council is pursuing a place making approach for our Shire because we understand that when the community loves a place, enormous social, cultural and economic value are added to that community.
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My Place

The Small Business Commissioner has developed a web-based resource to make it easier for you to start or grow a home business in NSW.
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Helping Small Business Start and Grow

Choose a business advisor and access informative workshops and events to set your business up for success.
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Business Connect

Apply for the government licences and permits you need to open your business faster.

Easy to do Business

Apply for the government licences and permits you need to open your business faster.
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Small Business Month

Did you know that as a NSW Government supplier you can get paid instantly? This applies if you supply goods or services under $10,000 and your small business accepts credit card payment.
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Faster Payment Terms for Small Business

Organisations may request Council to install directional street signs to either an existing post or a new post installed for the purpose of the new sign.
Directional Signs

Directional Signs

‘Futureproofing your business’ is the ability to be sustain-able beyond disruption: This means not only doing your part for prevention - saving water, recycling, saving energy, minimising waste - but also being aware of potential threats and planning now for what to do when disaster strikes.
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Business Resilience