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placement management HornsbyCouncil is pursuing a place-based approach to working in our town centres because we understand that when the community loves a place, enormous social, cultural and economic value are added to that community.

Good place making is all about collaboration. Based on what stakeholders have told us about their place, Council’s Strategic Place Team will work with the community and businesses to further understand how our town and village centres are operating. When we know what’s working – and what isn’t – we can start to make some plans with the community to make some positive changes.

What is a place-based approach?

A place-based approach is about using “whole of place” thinking to manage a defined physical area – usually a town centre - taking into account all factors influencing that place - environmental, economic and socio-cultural.

A place-based approach is focused on working with the stakeholder community in a place to improve the functionality and appeal of that place.

Why a place-based approach?

  • Town centres are complex places and require “whole of place” thinking to operate optimally.
  • We recognise the importance of third places - somewhere you can go outside of your home and work environments to relax, connect, socialise and feel a sense of place.
  • Council needs a way to better engage and collaborate with stakeholders in town centres.
  • Great places build prosperity for local communities.

What is place planning?

  • Place planning is predicated on Council working with the community to develop a shared vision and plan for their place and then setting out a pathway to achieve that vision. It is a about collaboration and joined up thinking – which is avoiding single issue thinking and instead considering the functioning and appeal of the place as a whole.
The Strategic Place Team:

Current Projects

Brooklyn Place Plan

The village of Brooklyn holds a special place in all of our hearts and we want to make Brooklyn better for generations to come.

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Your High Street: Coronation StrEat!

The Your High Street grant program is a NSW Government initiative supporting councils across NSW to make permanent changes that improve the amenity of a high street in their local area.

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Recent Projects

Graffiti Management Grant: Coronation Street Precinct

Funded by the NSW Government, the project will deliver several murals on buildings surrounding Coronation Street Hornsby to prevent and minimise incidents of graffiti vandalism.

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Streets as Shared Spaces: Reclaim Hunter Lane

Streets as Shared Spaces is a grant funded program to support councils to test and pilot new and innovative ideas for streets as safe, shared public spaces.

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Image credits: top - Westside Vibe 2018;  2nd from top - Hawkesbury Sunrise - Brooklyn Francis Keogh; 3rd from top - Hornsby Station Sunset by James Cook; bottom - Hannah Street Beecroft