What can you do for the environment

The best way to protect our creeks and waterways from pollution is to prevent it at the source!

While many of us think first of industries dumping chemicals as the source of water pollution, the truth is our water can also be harmed by things that we do every day at our homes. When it rains, water washes over lawns, sidewalks, and streets. In addition to litter, this water picks up chemicals found in lawn fertilizers, bacteria found in pet waste, and oil from cars. This polluted water then enters roadside ditches and the storm drains found in our streets, and large pipes connect the storm drains to the closest lake or stream.

We all live in a catchment and are connected to local waterways. We might not be able to see it from our window, but it’s there. It might be a small creek or swale or even the stormwater drain in the street. All these lead to a either Sydney Harbour or the mighty Hawkesbury River.

We all have a responsibility to do the right thing and the following pages will help guide you on how to reduce pollution and be water wise.