Hornsby Development Control Plan



The HDCP is divided into nine parts. The first part outlines general controls that apply to all applications, while the remaining eight parts provide land-use and area-based controls.

Notice of HDCP Amendment

At its meeting on 8 November 2023, Council considered Director’s Report No. PC27/23 and resolved to approve proposed amendments to the HDCP associated with the Byles Creek Planning Proposal. The DCP amendments will come into effect when the Planning Proposal is finalised. Updates on the progress of the Planning Proposal can be found here.

At its meeting on 11 October 2023, Council considered Directors Report Nos. PC25/23 and PC26/23 to exhibit proposed amendments to the HDCP that would introduce development controls for electric vehicle charging and seniors housing in heritage conservation areas. These amendments were exhibited from 16 October 2023 to 6 November 2023. On 13 December 2023, Council considered Director’s Report Nos. PC31/23 and PC32/23 and resolved to approve the amendments to the HDCP. The amendments are effective from 21 December 2023.

HDCP Book Version

HDCP Individual Parts

A development application is to include all the relevant documentation to enable an assessment of the proposal. The DA Submission Guideline (PDF 990kb) complements the HDCP in that it provides a general overview of the common submission requirements for development applications.

There are a number of State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) that apply in Hornsby Shire and prevail over the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan 2013 (HLEP) wherever there is an inconsistency. All SEPPs in force can be viewed on the NSW Legislation website. A list of SEPPs applicable to a specific property can be obtained from Council though a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate.