Policies and Guidelines

There are strict policies in place to govern what can be developed in Hornsby Shire and how development can be carried out. Below are the planning instruments that guide development in Hornsby Shire.

Hornsby Development Control Plan

Hornsby Shire Council’s HDCP provides simple guidance on how development may occur.

Hornsby Local Environmental Plan

The HLEP 2013 is Council’s main planning instrument, outlining what can be developed where. It features both a written instrument and maps.

Hornsby Shire Council Local Planning Panel

The Local Planning Panel comprises qualified people independent of Council that have the functions of a Council as a consent authority determine a range of development applications.

Planning Controls and Studies

Before preparing a major amendment to the Local Environmental Plan or Development Control Plan, Council conducts a Planning Study.

Development Control Plan policies

Council has adopted a number of policies to complement the Hornsby Development Control Plan 2013.

Planning Proposals

There are a number of steps to making a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). The first step is the preparation of a Planning Proposal.