What is our future direction?

Our Water Sensitive Future

The 50-year vision for Hornsby Shire is to be a beautiful, green, and thriving shire whose management of water and the environment supports clean waterways, sustainable resource use, and a healthy lifestyle that is connected to nature.

The vision encompasses six statements that define the outcomes to be ensured:

  1. Hornsby’s natural environments are healthy and thriving with biodiversity
  2. Hornsby and its villages are full of beautiful blue and green spaces that connect people to their surrounding environment and local community
  3. Hornsby Shire has engaged, empowered and active communities who value Aboriginal and multi-cultural connections to land and water
  4. A strong focus on water management supports safe communities and healthy, clean rivers and creeks
  5. Sustainable resource use is supported by integrated, multi-functional infrastructure
  6. Integrated and inclusive governance arrangements deliver a holistic approach to water management while meeting the challenges of growth

The Vision and Transition Strategy for a Water Sensitive Hornsby defines a vision of a water sensitive future for Hornsby Shire and outlines the broad steps Hornsby Shire should take to enable a transition towards its future. It is the outcome of ten months of research, analysis and engagement with 24 community champions and 34 leading thinkers from across water, planning, development and environment sections in Hornsby Shire Council.