Warada Ngurang Community Nursery

Address: 28-30 Britannia Street Pennant Hills
Email: nursery@hornsby.nsw.gov.au

Please note: the volunteer program at the Warada Ngurang Community Nursery is currently at capacity

Warada Ngurang Community Nursery is managed by Council’s Environment Branch, assisted by many dedicated local volunteers. More than 45,000 plants are produced each year, many of which are given away to local residents at our Free Native Plant Giveaways.

Plants are also utilised by local schools, Council’s Bushcare program, citizenship ceremonies, bushland restoration projects, Catchment Remediation Rate projects, street trees, donations and for National Tree Day.

The vast majority of plants grown at the nursery are sourced from local bushland reserves across Hornsby Shire, through seed and propagule collection. As such the nursery has an onsite seed storage facility in order to provide future plants for various projects. Over 175 different species are propagated at the community nursery.

Warada Ngurang Community Nursery is accredited through the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia. It was the first local government nursery to acquire this accreditation in NSW. This accreditation requires the nursery’s adherence to environmentally sound working practices whilst ensuring our customers receive high quality plants.

The nursery won the 2014 Best Government Nursery Award in NSW and ACT from the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia, while also being one of four finalists for the national award.

Warada Ngurang Community Nursery

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