Renewable Energy

Pursuing our commitment to Net Zero by 2050

Council is pursuing both the purchase and generation of 100% renewable energy to actively meet our targets set by the Climate Wise Hornsby Plan.

Hornsby Shire to go 100% renewable energy

Hornsby Shire Council has 100 percent of its electricity needs supplied by three NSW solar farms. The landmark retail electricity agreement will deliver over 214 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year to 25 councils across NSW, including Hornsby Shire Council. Green energy will now power over 300 major council facilities, more than 210,000 streetlights and more than 3000 small sites managed by councils across NSW. Worth approximately $180 million.

The 25 councils participating in the agreement collectively represent over three million people, and almost 38 percent of NSW’s population. The agreement commences in 2022 and runs to 2026 with an option to extend to 2030.

In an effort to help reach our Greenhouse Gas Emissions target, Hornsby Council has 232.11 kW of solar panel systems and one 15kW wind turbine on Council buildings, libraries, works depot and park facilities.

The map below indicates where the renewable technologies are in Hornsby Shire. Click on each icon to see the size, location and type of the system.