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Current tenders, RFQs and EOIs are listed on Council’s e-tendering website.

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Tender Openings

RFT15/2021 – Re-roofing & Refurbishment of the Galston Aquatic and Leisure Centre
10.30am Thursday, 29 July 2021

Tenders Received From:

  • 2020 Projects Pty Ltd
  • Dalski Pty Ltd
  • HPAC Pty Ltd
  • Lloyd Group Pty Ltd
  • Rogers Construction Group Pty Ltd
  • Sassan Vodjdani Pty Ltd trading as Royal Contractors
  • Westbury Construction Pty Ltd

RFT4/2021 – Reconstruction of Loading Dock at Parsley Bay, Brooklyn
10.30am Thursday, 25 March 2021

Tenders Received From:

  • GLC Civil Projects Pty Ltd
  • GPM Marine Constructions

RFT3/2021 – Heavy Plant and Equipment Hire
10.30am Thursday, 25 February 2021

Tenders Received From:

  • Acclaimed Excavations Pty Ltd
  • AMS Excavations Pty Ltd
  • A-Plant Equipment Pty Ltd
  • Brooks Hire Service Pty Ltd
  • Buildsmore Pty Ltd
  • Civil Movement Group
  • Coates Hire Operations Pty Limited
  • Country Improvements Pty Ltd
  • Dustmite Excavations Pty Ltd
  • Earthcorp Pty Limtied
  • Global Excavation & Demolition Pty Ltd
  • Keegan Civil P/L
  • Ken Coles Excavations Pty Ltd
  • Onrail Industries Pty Ltd
  • P & M Galea Pty Ltd
  • Raygal Pty Ltd
  • Rollers Australia Pty Ltd
  • Sore Hire Pty Ltd
  • Trimcon Civil Contracts Pty Ltd
  • Woodbury Tipper Hire Pty Ltd

Tenders Accepted

RFT13/2021 – Park Upgrade Lower McKell Park, Brooklyn

Tender Accepted From:

  • Furnass Landscaping Enterprises Ltd
    Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager: 6 July 2021

RFT2/2021 – Hornsby Park Embellishment and Park Management Approvals

Tender Accepted From:

  • SJB Planning Pty Ltd
    Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager: 19 May 2021

RFT1/2021 – Mark Taylor Oval Surface Upgrade

Tender Accepted From:

  • Landscape Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
    Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager: 28 May 2021

RFT11/2020 – Hornsby Quarry Rehabilitation Works Including Bulk Earthworks

Tender Accepted From:

  • Ditchfield Contracting Proprietary Limited
    Accepted by Council at its Extraordinary Meeting: 19 May 2021

RFT33/2020 – Hornsby Park Embellishment -  Development Approval Design

Tender Accepted From:

  • Clouston Associates Pty Ltd
    Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager: 9 April 2021

RFT34/2020 – Peats Ferry Road Asquith Main Street Project – Stage 2 Works

Tender Accepted From:

  • Talis Civil Pty Ltd
    Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager: 19 March 2021

When does Council call for RFTs, RFQs and EOIs?

Council calls for tenders when the anticipated cost exceeds $250,000 (excluding GST). RFQs and EOIs are called as required.

Who can submit a tender, quotation or EOI?

Hornsby Shire Council invites any interested business to bid for the supply of goods, materials and/or services contained in the advertised tenders, RFQ or EOI.

What does the e-tendering website offer?

The e-tendering website provides Council suppliers, contractors and other interested businesses easy access to a range of tendering, RFQ and EOI opportunities.

This website allows businesses to:

  • Register their details and establish profiles to automatically receive relevant tenders, RFQs and EOIs as they become available;
  • View tenders online and/or receive them via email notification;
  • Download documentation directly from the website;
  • Seek further information or clarification on aspects of a tender and receive replies via the website;
  • Receive addendums and other information issued on current tenders;
  • Respond to tenders via the Electronic Tender Box, rather than having to post or deliver responses to Council’s Office. Responses can still be posted or delivered if preferred.

Tender deposit payments

Where a tender deposit is required as part of the tender submission, the amount will be specified in the Conditions of Tendering section of the tender. This payment can be made through Council's Online Payments.

Government Contracts Register

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 No 52 (GIPA) Council must provide a Government Contracts Register.xls - 42kb.

Standard terms and conditions

Please read the Standard Terms and Conditions forming part of Council's Official Order - 32kb