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RFT26/2022 – Grass Cutting of Parks, Reserves and Roadsides10:30am, Tuesday 24 January 2023

Submissions Received From:

  • Hideaway Landscapes Pty Ltd t/a Envirolands Landscape
  • Summit Open Space Services
  • GLG Greenlife Group Pty Ltd
  • Standby Forty-Six Pty Ltd

RFQ29/2022 – Pavement Marking on a Schedule of Rates Basis10:30am, Thursday 15 December 2022

Submissions Received From:

  • Complete Linemarking Services Pty Ltd
  • Workforce Road Services Pty Ltd

RFT15/2022 – Cleaning of Council Buildings and Facilities
10:00am, Tuesday 22 November 2022
Selective Tender following Public EOI

Submissions Received From:

  • Northern Contract Cleaning Pty Ltd
  • Smart Cleaning Solutions (VIC) Pty Ltd t/a Smart Cleaning Solutions
  • Solo Services Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • Storm International Pty Ltd
  • V.D.G. Pty Ltd

RFT28/2022 – Design and construction of One Tree Reach Wetland’s estuarine inlet
Closing: 10:30am, Thursday 17 November 2022

Submissions Received From:

  • Optimal Stormwater

RFT17/2022 – Building Maintenance and Construction Contractors
10:30am, Thursday 4 August 2022

Submissions Received From:

  • Envirochoice Industries
  • A & J Floorsanding Pty Ltd t/as A J Flooring
  • Bayteck
  • Fields Glass & Glazing
  • Graymade Pty Ltd
  • Jaycee Build Pty Ltd
  • Maico Property Services Pty Ltd
  • Murphy’s Remedial Builders
  • Pro-Asset Painting Maintenance Pty Ltd
  • ProGroup Management Pty Ltd
  • RMA Contracting Pty Ltd
  • S.Michael Cleaning Services Pty Ltd t/as Squeeky Group
  • Sudiro Constructions Pty Ltd
  • Ultra Building Works Pty Ltd
  • Urban Maintenance Systems Pty Ltd
  • VBuilt Construction Group
  • Westbury Constructions Pty Ltd

EOI16/2022 – Provision of Renewable Energy Infrastructure
10.30am, Friday 27 May 2022

Submissions Received From:

  • Jolt Charge Pty Ltd
  • North Harbour Clean Energy Pty Limited
  • Pathion Holdings Australia Pty Ltd
  • ZEN Energy Retail Pty Ltd

RFT4/2021 – Reconstruction of Loading Dock at Parsley Bay, Brooklyn
10.30am Thursday, 25 March 2021

Tenders Received From:

  • GLC Civil Projects Pty Ltd
  • GPM Marine Constructions

RFT3/2021 – Heavy Plant and Equipment Hire
10.30am Thursday, 25 February 2021

Tenders Received From:

  • Acclaimed Excavations Pty Ltd
  • AMS Excavations Pty Ltd
  • A-Plant Equipment Pty Ltd
  • Brooks Hire Service Pty Ltd
  • Buildsmore Pty Ltd
  • Civil Movement Group
  • Coates Hire Operations Pty Limited
  • Country Improvements Pty Ltd
  • Dustmite Excavations Pty Ltd
  • Earthcorp Pty Limtied
  • Global Excavation & Demolition Pty Ltd
  • Keegan Civil P/L
  • Ken Coles Excavations Pty Ltd
  • Onrail Industries Pty Ltd
  • P & M Galea Pty Ltd
  • Raygal Pty Ltd
  • Rollers Australia Pty Ltd
  • Sore Hire Pty Ltd
  • Trimcon Civil Contracts Pty Ltd
  • Woodbury Tipper Hire Pty Ltd

Tenders Accepted

RFQ21/2022 – Ron Payne Oval Drainage, Irrigation and Amenities BuildingNo Tenders Accepted

No Tenders accepted at Council Meeting 12 October 2022

RFQ22/2022 – Material Testing and Site InvestigationTender Accepted From:

  • STS Geotechnics Pty Ltd

Accepted Under Delegation by Manager, Design & Construction, 5 October 2022

RFT24/2022 – Printing and Distribution of Rates Notice

Tender Accepted From:

  • IVE Group Australia Ltd

Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager, 12 December 2022

RFT27/2022 – Electrical Services on a Schedule of Rates Basis

Tender Accepted From:

  • D & JF Scaife Electrical Contractors
  • REES Electrical Pty Ltd

Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager, 14 December 2022

RFT11/2022 – Panel for Provision of Catchment Health Field Monitoring Services within Hornsby LGA

Tender From:

  • Australia Wetlands Consulting

Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager, 13 September 2022

RFT1/2022 – NSROC – Asphalt Tender

Tenders Accepted From:

Supply and Lay Asphalt

  • State Asphalt Services
  • Downer EDI

Heavy Patching

  • ANJ Paving

Bituminous Surfacing (including rejuvenation)

  • Colas

Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager, 22 August 2022

RFT10/2022 – Concrete Form & Finishing

Tender Accepted From:

Hand Placed Concrete

  • Forster Civil Contracting Constructions Pty Ltd
  • Aston & Bourke Pty Ltd as second preference

Machine Placed Concrete

  • South West Kerbing

Accepted Under Delegation by General Manager, 4 August 2022

Further information

Council calls for tenders when the anticipated cost exceeds $250,000 (excluding GST). RFQs and EOIs are called as required.

Hornsby Shire Council invites any interested business to bid for the supply of goods, materials and/or services contained in the advertised tenders, RFQ or EOI.

The e-tendering website provides Council suppliers, contractors and other interested businesses easy access to a range of tendering, RFQ and EOI opportunities.

This website allows businesses to:

  • Register their details and establish profiles to automatically receive relevant tenders, RFQs and EOIs as they become available;
  • View tenders online and/or receive them via email notification;
  • Download documentation directly from the website;
  • Seek further information or clarification on aspects of a tender and receive replies via the website;
  • Receive addendums and other information issued on current tenders;
  • Respond to tenders via the Electronic Tender Box, rather than having to post or deliver responses to Council’s Office. Responses can still be posted or delivered if preferred.

Where a tender deposit is required as part of the tender submission, the amount will be specified in the Conditions of Tendering section of the tender. This payment can be made through Council's Online Payments.

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 No 52 (GIPA) Council must provide a Government Contracts Register.xls - 42kb.

Council is continuously working to reduce its carbon emissions through investment in renewable energy initiatives. Council is now looking for further opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint through the investigation of next-generation technologies that will increase Council’s long-term financial sustainability and deliver on its inter-generational social responsibilities.

Council recognises that the renewable energy landscape and technology more broadly is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate, as are the commercial arrangements for their creation and application. Consequently, Council is proposing to undertake an expression of interest process for the provision of next generation renewable energy applications that can be delivered through leveraging existing Council-owned land and or facilities.

However, before embarking on any formal procurement process Council is undertaking a ‘Market Sounding’ process. It is anticipated that this process will:

  • improve Council’s knowledge of the renewable energy infrastructure market and assist Council in understanding the industry’s value drivers and financial constraints in the provision of renewable energy infrastructure for local government
  • enable industry to advise Council of information that it may wish to consider including within the expression of interest documentation and how this information may assist potential proponents in the expression of interest process, and
  • allow Council to engage in open and transparent dialogue with organisations within the renewable energy industry to assure the quality of the subsequent expression of interest process and the information provided to proponents as part of this process.

Using the following criteria Council has identified several companies that it believes are well-placed to provide this initial advice. However, Council is willing to consider discussions with other organisations that meet this criterion:

  • Experience in a variety of renewal energy technologies
  • Experience delivering commercial renewal energy projects
  • Previous engagement by government organisations for the delivery of renewable energy technologies
  • Experience and capacity in the development of designs for renewable energy infrastructure
  • Experience in Public Private Partnerships or arrangements where public infrastructure is provided through private sector financing
  • Membership of recognised professional body within the renewable energy industry.

It is important to note that this process is not a procurement process. Council is not seeking information on particular types of technologies or their application, nor the merits of individual organisations or their capabilities. Any supply of future goods and services in relation to this initiative will be open to all organisations as part of the following Expression of Interest process.

If you believe your organisation meets the before-mentioned criteria and would like further information in relation to this process, please contact Gary Parsons at, who is coordinating this process on behalf of Council.

Participation in the ‘Market Sounding’ process does not imply any registration, pre-qualification or any other preferred status in respect of involvement in any future procurement.

Organisations will not be recompensed for their participation in this process.

Organisations which do not participate in this market sounding process will not be prejudiced in any way in respect of any subsequent procurement process in relation to this, or any other Council project.