Access to Information About Development Applications

  • Once a Development Application (DA) has been lodged with Council, and a preliminary check of the documentation has been carried out, information about the DA is made available on Council’s website in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.
  • A statutory public notice, or exhibition, period applies to each DA to allow members of the public an opportunity to view the information accompanying the DA.
  • A period of time is also allowed during which interested parties can make submissions to Council about the DA.
  • The DA is reviewed and assessed by Council officers, who take into account comments in any submissions received, and any other information which has been obtained during the deliberative process.
  • Information about the DA which has not already been made available on Council’s website may be requested under the Government Information (Public Access) (GIPA) Act. Provision of this additional information is subject to public interest test considerations.
  • Once a decision has been made about the DA, the determination is published to Council’s website.