Important Notice – Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre (CRC) Soft Plastics Contamination

Our recycling partner has reported high levels of contaminated items in our soft plastics recycling collection at the Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre (CRC). The three most common contaminants are:

  1. Foil/silver lined packaging e.g. chip packets, pet food bag
  2. Semi-rigid plastics e.g. biscuit trays
  3. Plastics with liquid and food remnants

Only soft, clean, dry items that are completely plastic will be accepted. See our Soft Plastics Recycling Guide for a full list of accepted and not accepted items.

Please carefully sort and remove any contaminants at home, before visiting the CRC.

Any bags of soft plastics found to have contaminants through our screening process will be rejected, and you will have to take it home with you.

Thank you for your cooperation and efforts to keep waste out of landfill.