Why Choose Hornsby Certifiers?

friendly approachable reliableFriendly and Approachable customer service that is available and here to help 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). We can guide you through the building certification process and workshop most matters in-house with any other relevant branches within Council to find suitable solutions.

gavelExperts in Legislative Requirements of the NCC (Building Code of Australia) and associated standards. All certifiers are registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading and are associate members of the Australian Accredited Certifiers (AAC).

24 hours notice24 Hour Notice Available for any inspection all year round. We provide a reliable inspection service 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) for 12 months of the year and you only need to provide 24 hours’ notice.

gold medalIndependent & Permanent certification that is local government established and funded. We look after the interests of the home owner while balancing the builder’s needs.

Please contact Hornsby Certifiers via email or phone (02) 9847 6787 for further enquiries.