Building Information Certificates

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A Building Information Certificate operates to prevent Council, for a period of 7 years from the date of issue of the certificate, from making an order (or taking proceedings for the making of an order or injunction) under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 or the Local Government Act, 1993 requiring the building to be repaired, demolished, altered, added to or rebuilt. However, a Building Information Certificate does not operate to prevent Council from making a development control order that is a fire safety order or a building product rectification order (within the meaning of the Building Products (Safety) Act, 2017).

A Building Information Certificate is usually obtained at the point of sale of a property, where required inspections by the appointed Principal Certifier have been missed, or to regularise unauthorised work.

Further information regarding Building Information Certificates can be found in the Practice Note prepared by the Department of Planning and Environment

Please contact Hornsby Certifiers via email or phone (02) 9847 6787 to obtain a quote prior to lodging a Building Information Certificate.

Documents and plans to be supplied with your Building Information Certificate application

  • Fee quotation (Must contact Hornsby Certifiers to obtain a quote prior to lodgement)
  • Owners consent form
  • Detailed description of the development the subject of this application
  • Survey report prepared by a registered surveyor indicating the distances of the development to the property boundaries  Architectural plans including site plan, floor plans and elevations (if required)
  • Structural engineering certification by a registered structural engineer (if required)
  • Smoke alarm certificate by a licensed electrician (if required)
  • Bushfire report by a qualified consultant (if property bushfire prone)
  • Sydney Water Approval (if required)
  • Further documents and plans in addition to the above checklist may also be required to be provided.

Apply for a Building Information Certificate

Please contact Hornsby Certifiers to obtain a quote prior to lodging this application

Please contact Hornsby Certifiers via email or phone (02) 9847 6787 for further enquiries.