School Zone Road Safety Resources

Hornsby Shire Council has developed resources to assist schools to educate their communities about parking and traffic rules as well as road safety. These are available for you to download now.

What resources are available?

Below are the resources that Council can provide to schools in the Hornsby Shire area free of charge. For more information, please see the School Road Safety Zone resources flyer.

Parking and Traffic Rules and Safety Tips reference guide (A4 Double-sided)

This double sided A4 document provides an easy to read quick reference guide to the important road safety rules within school zones while also explaining why the rules are there. Safety tips for school zones and students are provided in an illustrated and easy to understand format in either hard copy or electronic copy. Please note this document is also available in Korean and Chinese languages.

Parking & Traffic Rules_Page_2


Parking Rules

Developed for high school students who drive to school, this variation on the Parking and Traffic Rules flyer provides illustrations on parking legally around intersections, driveways and bus stops. Traffic signage is also explained and safe walking tips are provided to get students to and from school safely.

Please note this document is also available in Korean and Chinese languages.


School Travel Safe Guide_FrontCover

School Travel Ideas Guide

This guide offers school communities alternative, sustainable and safe travel solutions for students and their parents / carers. Many of the ideas in this guide will not only assist in alleviating the congestion issues within your school zone, they will also provide opportunities for learning, exercise and encouraging children to be independent and road safe.