Pay Parking in Hornsby Shire

In the Hornsby Shire pay parking operates at:

  • Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre
  • Fagan Park
  • Wisemans Ferry Boat Ramp (coming shortly)

Pay parking is located on:

  • Council owned land and roads, or
  • Crown land managed and maintained by Council.

Parking fees are included in Council’s Fees and Charges and are as follows:

Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Car parking, per hour (First 3 hours free with validated ticket)$8.00

Fagan Park

Car parking – per car or mini bus <15 people / Day$6.00
Annual Pass – Car parking – per car (Hornsby Shire residents only)$46.00
Car parking – per coach (including school groups) >15 people / Day$54.50

Wisemans Ferry Boat Ramp

Car Parking Only – first 2 hoursFree
Car Parking Only – 2-3 hours$3.00
Car Parking Only – 3-24 hours$6.00
Car with Trailer – first 30 minutes Free
Car with Trailer – per day$8.00

Hornsby Shire Council’s adopted Car Parking Management Study recommends a user pay system for parking in carparks and that the income from parking be used for the ongoing maintenance, management and enhancement of each site.

Pay parking income for Hornsby Aquatic Centre is used to help manage and maintain the facility.

While, specific items to be funded by paid parking at Wisemans Ferry include the cleaning and maintenance of the amenities block, maintenance of the garden beds, water carting during dry times for the amenities block, waste collection, cleaning of the boat ramp and pontoon.

Pay parking income on Crown Land currently occurs at Fagan Park. Income generated on Crown Land is restricted and can only be spent on projects and activities carried out on Crown Land. This includes maintenance and renewal of recreational facilities.

Mobility Parking

If you have a mobility parking permit it is free to park in our pay parking areas.

Visit the Transport for NSW website to find out more about how to apply for a mobility parking permit.

Mobility parking

Special parking conditions

NSW Road Rules

  • Fines apply for parking illegally
  • Always check the signs and line marking
  • Overnight camping is prohibited

Check the NSW Road rules – NSW Government Website