What is the Catchment Remediation Rate?

The Catchments Remediation Rate (CRR) is levied at 5% of Council’s total ordinary rate revenue, on all properties throughout the Shire on an ad valorem basis.

All catchments impact on water quality and all rateable properties within these catchments benefit from the environmental and water quality improvements, in terms of improved quality of life for ratepayers. In 2018/19, the CRR yield will be approximately $2.8 million. A Catchments Remediation Rate Expenditure Review Panel meets twice yearly to review expenditure and provide accountability and transparency in respect of those funds.

Since July 1994, the CRR has generated over $50 million. These funds have been dedicated to improving water quality across the Hornsby Shire through a combination of both capital and non-capital works. Over 400 water quality improvement assets have been constructed and installed to date, preventing thousands of tonnes of pollution, including litter, sediment and organic matter from entering our waterways. In 2016/17 alone, over 1250m3 of material was removed from stormwater quality assets across the Shire.

The program also supports a number of pollution prevention initiatives such as environmental education, industrial auditing, street sweeping, and emergency spill response and pollution regulation.

Ongoing work funded by the CRR

In addition to the pollution treatment and prevention initiatives, the CRR funds ongoing works associated with the maintenance and monitoring of these assets and the receiving waterways. Through regular and proactive maintenance of water quality assets, Council can ensure the assets are operating to their full potential thereby resulting in a better environmental outcome.

Water quality monitoring data is collected using physical, chemical and biological indicators of waterway health. This data helps Council prioritise future remediation works, identify areas where environmental degradation is occurring and to assess long term water quality improvements.