Development Control Plan policies

Noise and Vibration

Contains guidelines for the submission of acoustic reports for proposed developments that could create offensive noise and/or vibration. Recommendations have also been included to reduce potential noise and vibration impact.

Policy and Guidelines for Noise and Vibration Generating Development (PDF 236kb)

Waste Minimisation

Contains design specifications and best practices to ensure waste minimisation techniques are employed before, during and after the construction of buildings. The guide also helps proponents of development complete a Waste Management Plan (PDF 272kb)

Waste Minimisation and Management Guide (PDF 5.3MB)
Standard Waste Collection Easement Terms (PDF 113kb)

Vegetation Management and Restoration

Assists with the preparation of a vegetation management plan or a restoration plan, which is required when a development application or landform modification activity impacts on land with ecological values.

Vegetation Management and Restoration Plan 2008 (VMRP) (PDF 3.7MB)

Guidelines for Flora and Fauna Assessment

Advises when a Flora and Fauna Report may be required to accompany a development application. Specifies the minimum level of information required for a flora and fauna report and provides advice on how the Council will process reports. Also worth seeing is the Indigenous Planting Guide (PDF 2.5MB)

Guidelines for Flora and Fauna Assessment (PDF 12MB)

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Provides guidance to development applicants in meeting the water quality targets of Council's Development Control Plan.

Water Sensitive Urban Design Guidelines (PDF 1MB)

Sustainable Water Best Practices

Complement the Stormwater Management element of the HDCP 2013. Seeks to promote water sensitive design and management practices, improve water quality and sustain a water balance appropriate for present and projected development in the Shire.

Sustainable Water Best Practices (PDF 1.4MB)