Learn to Swim

COVID-19 UPDATE – Wednesday, 28 July 2021

With the announcement today by the NSW Premier of an extension of the current lockdown to 28 August 2021, and in accordance with NSW Health guidelines, Council services operating in the community remain limited.

Our facilities remain closed. This includes Hornsby Shire Libraries, Community Centres, Thornleigh Brickpit, Hornsby Shire Aquatic & Leisure Centres, Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre and our Customer Service Centres.

These measures are to keep our community and our staff safe during this current outbreak but we are still here for you. Please be assured that we will respond to emergency callouts. If you have any requirements of Council, please contact Customer Service on 9847 6666 and online as usual and we will respond during normal business hours.

Under these current restrictions, while we may not be able to respond face-face, we will endeavour to find a way to assist in a COVID-safe way wherever possible. Many of our services are available online, including lodgement of Development Applications, and our Duty Planning Officer is available for enquiries on 9847 6760 (8.30am-5pm).

Further information on the new restrictions is available in the NSW Premier’s media release and on the NSW Health website.

We are constantly monitoring this evolving situation and will keep you updated here and on Facebook with any changes.

School Holiday Intensives

Aquafun Swim School runs school holiday intensives throughout the school holidays. This program is designed to accelerate your child’s progression and confidence within the water.

To find out more click here or email the learn to swim office at

Learn to Swim Customer Service

For assistance, please contact our customer service team on 9847 6306 or 9847 6307 (HALC) and 9847 6340 (GALC).

Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre offers a progressive Learn to Swim program for both adults and children.

We look forward to making your time here enjoyable and fun while learning a valuable life skill. Our vision is to create a fun filled water environment that will elevate a student to his/her greatest heights in swimming and personal confidence.

The decision to teach your child or yourself to swim is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

Please note classes are subject to change. For all enquiries please speak to staff during the following office hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm
  • Saturday: 7.30am – 5.30pm
  • Sunday: 8am – 1pm


Lessons are available for all ages and abilities from 6 months of age through to adults. Lessons are available throughout the week both am and pm, including Saturday and Sunday.

All of our lessons coincide with the public school terms and can vary from 8 – 11 weeks duration. Each group lesson runs for thirty (30) minutes. We can also provide private lessons which can be for fifteen (15) or (30) minutes in duration and are available throughout the week.

All of our classes are conducted by Austswim or Swim Australia qualified instructors. Austswim and Swim Australia are nationally recognised accreditation bodies.

Full payment of term fees is required upon booking.

We accept Active Kids Vouchers for Learn to Swim classes.


New Students
Students can enrol at any time throughout the year, except for the last three (3) weeks of each Learn to Swim Term. An assessment is required first. This enables us to place the student into the correct level. To book an assessment please contact the Learn to Swim team on 9847 6307 between 9am – 5pm.

Existing Students
Existing students will have the opportunity to re-enrol at the end of each term for the following term. You will be notified at the end of each term when it is possible to re-enrol.

Progression and Assessing
Students can progress at any time throughout the year. Your swimming teacher will then notify the learn to swim office. You will then be contacted. At the end of each term, students will also be assessed.

Class Information – Aquafun Swim School

Below is a brief guide to the classes we offer at the Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

Our parent and baby groups require a parent or carer to accompany the child in the pool.

Cost: $13 per class
Duration: 30 minutes
Maximum class size: 7



This class is an introduction for babies. This class helps familiarise the children with water and being in a group environment. This class also consist of water exploration activities, games, songs and social awareness activities. For ages 6 - 12 months.



This class is the 2nd level of lessons for babies/toddlers. Introduction to some basic water swimming techniques. Further development of water exploration, games, songs and social awareness activities. For ages 12 - 24 months.

We have four levels of classes for pre-school aged children.

Cost: $19 per class
Duration: 30 minutes


Tadpole (level 1)

In this transitional stage, children are encouraged to swim independently and gain water confidence. Students learn the basics of swimming independently with their teacher while still having fun. Basic swimming techniques and safety techniques are developed.
Ages: 20 months - 2.5 / 3 years
Maximum class size: 3


Frog (level 2)

Students are now independent in the water from their parent / guardian and are encouraged to enjoy being in the water while learning basic swimming techniques.
Ages: 2.5 / 3+
Maximum class size: 3


Turtle (level 3)

While still building confidence students develop further basic freestyle and backstroke techniques with more safety aspects of swimming introduced.
Ages: 3-5 years
Maximum class size: 4


Seahorse (level 4)

Further stroke development through drills is introduced.
Ages: 4-5 years
Maximum class size: 4

We have four levels of classes for school aged children.

Age: 5+ years
Cost: $19 per class
Duration: 30 minutes



This is the 1st level of the school age lessons. This class is designed for children who have had very little water experience. The aim is to encourage, gain confidence and develop independence in the water. Maximum class size - 4.



This is the 2nd level of the school age lessons. This class is designed to develop freestyle and backstroke techniques. Maximum class size - 4.



This is the 3rd level of the school age lessons. Further stroke development in freestyle, backstroke and introduction of breaststroke. Students are confident in this class, with swimming distance increased. Maximum class size - 4.



This is the 4th level for school age lessons. Students are now swimming further distances, further development of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Maximum class size - 5.

Adult Classes

We have three levels for adults to learn to swim.

Cost: $19 per class
Duration: 30 minutes


This class is for the beginner adult who has had limited water experience. Students will learn basic techniques and be encouraged to develop independence in the water. Maximum class size - 5.


This is the 2nd level for adults. While still building confidence in the water students will develop freestyle and other water techniques. Maximum class size - 5.


This is the final level of learn to swim for adults. Students are encouraged to increase their swimming distance in this class and receive further stroke correction. Maximum class size - 6.

Private lessons are available for all ages. These on-on-one lessons can be 15 or 30 minutes in length and are available Monday to Saturday subject to availability.

15 minute lessons

Cost: Casual $36 per class; Whole term $31 per class

30 minute lessons

Cost: Casual $72 per class; Whole term $56 per class