Westleigh Park

Westleigh Park playground concept

As Hornsby Shire’s population grows, so too does the need for a wide variety of open and green spaces. To cater for this long-term demand, Council has developed a draft master plan for a new regional sized park at Westleigh.

You can read the draft master plan here. Further information on the project is available on the pages below:

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Background information

What is proposed for Westleigh Park?

Westleigh Park will not be a single-purpose facility – rather, it will offer a range of active and passive recreation opportunities to cater for the diverse needs of the community. Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • community-based sport
  • opportunities for school and club athletics
  • cycling and mountain biking
  • informal exercising and walking
  • children’s playground
  • bushwalking, and
  • passive recreation such as picnic areas.

The draft master plan proposes three sports facility platforms that have been designed to work within the constraints of the existing bushland vegetation and the future provision of improved road access.

To the north in the narrowest section of the previously cleared lands, a platform is proposed which can support a senior competition athletics track and internal field area. Surrounding grassed areas are proposed to accommodate field events to supplement the centre grassed field.

A multipurpose field platform is proposed in the centre of the site. The available space through this area could accommodate a turf surface or alternatively, a synthetic surface to meet demand. This field is intended for multiple sports and activities.

The south of the site provides the widest area where a full senior size playing field platform can be accommodated, taking into consideration the protection of the adjoining bushland. The draft master plan illustrates a multipurpose playing field platform which accommodates either two (2) full competition size football fields or a full-size AFL field, with a full-size cricket ground during summer.

Along with organised sports, the park could also cater for unstructured recreation such as cycling, mountain biking, dog walking and bushwalking. It is proposed that the new park will be linked to Ruddock Park with improved shared pathways, to Berowra Valley National Park, adjoining bushland and Hornsby Park by existing and improved connections.

Mountain bike trails and bushwalking tracks

Currently there are unsanctioned mountain bike tracks on site (below left). The draft master plan (below right) identifies an alternative network that relocates trails to the edges and away from high value biodiversity. The aim is to reduce the impact on critically endangered ecological communities and threatened species, while allowing mountain biking and bushwalking on site.

When the first stage of Hornsby Park is open, it will include a connection to Westleigh Park. Offering another experience to anyone who visits either park, this new link can be enjoyed by anyone moving through the Shire on foot or bike.

Unsanctioned tracksAlternative mountain bike trail

Improved Access for Traffic and Car Parking  

As part of the draft master plan, the following access improvements have been proposed:

  • new access road (extension of Sefton Road to Quarter Sessions Road)
  • intersection upgrade (Sefton and Chilvers Road) and
  • 350 car parking spaces.

The proposed traffic and parking plans allow for better management than currently exists. Having two points of entry and exit will spread the peak traffic flow and provide greater public safety. The extension to Sefton Road will also enhance traffic flow from Westleigh to the north.

Next Steps

After Council acquired the Westleigh waterboard site, the NSW Government provided $40 million to creating the Park. The cost to deliver the full scope of works in the draft master plan and maintain the park for ongoing use exceeds the grant funding allocation. This means the park will be delivered in stages as further funding becomes available, and to ensure there is adequate funding to maintain the park for ongoing use. The proposed staging is:

Community engagement leading to the adoption of a Master Plan for the site (2021).

Design and approvals (2022).

Remediation, earthworks, road upgrades and the separately funded Mountain Bike tracks (commence 2023).

Future delivery of sporting fields and associated works when funding becomes available.

Once the draft master plan has been finalised, a development application (DA) will be submitted that encompasses everything in the master plan, including the sports fields, internal roads, car parking areas and the mountain bike trails.

We are proposing to deliver the following elements of the master plan in the first stage at an approximate cost of $37 million:

  • site remediation
  • bulk earthworks
  • retaining walls
  • new access road (extension of Sefton Road to Quarter Sessions Road)
  • intersection upgrade (Sefton and Chilvers Road) and
  • possible relocation and formalisation of the unsanctioned mountain bike trails away from environmentally sensitive areas.

When the DA is approved, construction of these works will begin immediately and is expected to be finished by early 2024.

During this time, the detailed design for all the master plan’s landscape finishes will be carried out. This ensures the remainder of works can be delivered as soon as further funding becomes available.