General Information

These are unprecedented times. As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation continuously evolves, the safety of our residents and staff remains Council’s first and foremost priority.

We have a series of action plans to ensure Council’s essential services will continue to operate with minimal disruption in the current situation

In accordance with government guidelines, all Council facilities are closed to public access. Our staff are working from home wherever this is possible. We are moving services online where this is also possible.

We are carefully monitoring and following the advice from NSW Government, NSW Health and federal authorities regarding essential travel, public gatherings and social distancing measures. At all times, we are acting on current advice and this is subject to change at short notice following direction from these authorities.

As always, we encourage members of the community to follow the precautions recommended by state and federal government, including good hygiene practices and to seek professional medical advice if you have any flu-like symptoms.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone and encourage you to look out for each other, check in on your vulnerable family and neighbours, and if in doubt, call us if you have a question about Council’s services during this time.

Pandemic Coordination Team

Late February, Council established a Pandemic Coordination Team to oversee and coordinate how we are responding to the situation. This team is ensuring we follow government direction and that we respond to the needs of our staff and community.

The team is constantly monitoring government advice and assessing the impact on the provision of Council services.