Road Rules Awareness Week 2019

Road rules apply to all road users

Road rules do not only apply to drivers. All road users have responsibility for the safety of themselves and others. Find out more about rules that apply to road users other than drivers.

Brush up on your road rules

Road Rules Awareness Week aims to improve the knowledge of the NSW road rules of all road users. We focus on the most misunderstood road rules and provide an opportunity for road users to have their questions answered.

Transport for NSW is committed to improving safety on the state’s roads and bringing the road toll Towards Zero.

Top ten misunderstood rules

Watch the online video animations below to brush up your knowledge on the most commonly misunderstood road rules. This Top 10 guide provides simple answers to many road rule questions, including using roundabouts, when you can and can't use high-beam and fog lights, and when it is permitted to make a U-turn.

Download Top Ten Misunderstood Rules Brochure

Road users can also visit the Roads and Maritime Services website to view the NSW Road Users' Handbook.