Council’s playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, skate parks and tidal pools are reopened for community use. The public gathering rule of no more than 200 people from 29 March 2021 applies in these areas.

Please note the following:

  • Caution is urged when using these areas.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Please observe current government guidelines for social distancing and gatherings of people.
  • It is your responsibility to leave an area if it is too busy.
  • Ensure thorough hand washing or use of hand sanitiser before and after use.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices for the safety of our community.

For more information on what you can and can’t do in NSW please see:

Hornsby Shire is a fabulous place for kids to play. With over 100 playgrounds located in rural, bushland and urban settings our playgrounds provide a range of experiences for all ages and abilities. Find a playground near you by using the search function.

Pogson Drive Playground
Pogson Drive Park
Shaddy grassy park with a swing set.

Play equipment; Shaded areas

Rannoch Park Playground
Rannoch Park Playground
Fully fenced playground with a variety of play equipment.

Play equipment

Reddy Park Playground
Reddy Park Playground
Large shady park with wooden play equipment including a flying fox with access to walking trails through a Turpentine forest.

Play equipment; Fenced; Picnic tables; Walking trails; Shaded areas

Richards Close Playground
Richards Close Playground
Large open grassy area with basic play equipment.

Play equipment; Picnic tables

Robert Road Park Playground
Robert Road Park Playground
Fully fenced playground in open shady park with sheltered picnic tables.

Play equipment; Fenced; Picnic tables; Shaded areas

Rofe Park
Rofe Park Playground
Small fully fenced playground with a walking/running parth around Rofe Park Oval. There is fitness equipment and a dog off-leash area.

Play equipment; Fitness equipment; Fenced; Toilets; Drinking water; Dog off leash area; Picnic tables; Shaded areas

Ron Payne Reserve
Ron Payne Reserve
Cute traffice themed park adjacent to Ron Payne Oval. Shared off dog leash park when the oval is not in use.

Play equipment; Toilets; Picnic tables

Roslyn Park Playground
Roslyn Park Playground
Fenced open playground with basic play equipment and a covered picnic shelter.

Play equipment; Fenced; Picnic tables; Shaded areas

Rotary Park
Rotary Park Playground
Open grassy playground with basic play equipment and BBQs.

Play equipment; Fenced; Picnic tables; Shaded areas; BBQs

Ruddock Park Playground
Ruddock Park Playground
Large park with a variety of play equipment with kids bike paths, BBQs, picnic shelters and a large oval with big grassy slope to roll down.

Play equipment; Toilets; Drinking water; Picnic tables; Kids bike tracks; Shaded areas; BBQs; Cafes nearby

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Hornsby Shire playgrounds offer diverse features to cater for a range of activities and ages.

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