Legal Information

Hornsby Library is part of the Find Legal Answers network, which provides up-to-date legal information for local residents.

What is the Find Legal Answers network?

The Find Legal Answers service is co-ordinated by staff of the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) at the State Library of NSW and gives the public access to legal information through their local library.

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What is available at Hornsby Library?

  • Legal Tool Kit: A wealth of legal information in easy to understand language.
  • Law Books for Libraries: Legal reference books chosen for their effectiveness, plain language and currency.
  • Pamphlets: A collection of plain language pamphlets on a variety of topics.

Do you need further assistance?

Use the Find Legal Answers Free Advice Guide to find out where to go for free legal advice and assistance.

Online resources

One of the largest online sources of Australian legal material.

NSW Legislation
Provides all current acts and regulations for NSW.

Provides all Commonwealth primary legislation, as well as other ancillary documents and information.

Information on case law, including recent NSW court and tribunal decisions.