Save Power Kits

Would you like help reducing your electricity bill? Hornsby Shire libraries can help you with Save Power Kits and energy meters that are available for loan.

What do Save Power kits contain?

  • Power-Mate Lite energy meter to help you measure the power used by appliances, find out how much they cost to run and the carbon pollution they create;
  • Two thermometers, one so you can find out where your home lets in the cold in winter or heat in summer, and the other to check your room and fridge temperatures;
  • Stopwatch to measure how long you are in the shower and how much hot water you use;
  • Compass to see which direction your windows face so you can make the most of the sun in winter and use shading to best advantage in summer;
  • User guide with worksheets and action plan.

How do I book a kit?

Check our online catalogue by typing "Save Power Kit" into the search field in the library catalogue.

Can I get an energy meter on its own?

Yes. The meters will tell you exactly how much power each of your appliances is using, which will help you create a strategy to reduce your energy bill.

How else can I reduce my power bill?

Have a look at Council’s tips to save electricity or visit the NSW Government’s energy saving ideas.