Dementia – Supporting people living with Dementia and their carers

Prof. Susan Kurrle Dementia Webinar: Small Actions, Big Differences.

Prof. Susan Kurrle, an eminent voice on dementia was live to discuss dementia and the small actions people can take to create a big difference to the lives of people with dementia. This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, 23 September 2020 as part of Dementia Action Week.

Includes introduction plus questions and answers.

Duration: 59 minutes

Dementia Resources and Contacts

Dementia Australia NSW
Local: 1800 100 500
National: 02 9449 3576

CCBN - Community Care + Wellbeing
Phone: 1300 002 262
Northern Sydney Dementia Advisory Service
Carers Support

Pennant Hills Dementia Carers Group
Phone:02 9485 7588&
Location: Pennant Hills Community Health Centre
5 Fisher Avenue, Pennant Hills

Chantal Dementia Day and Overnight Respite Cottage Service & Weekend Respite Care
Phone: 02 9489 3592  
Location: McQuoin Park, 28 McAuley Place, Waitara

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