Registering Your Pet

Register your pet

All cats and dogs must be micro-chipped by 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away. They must be lifetime registered by six months.

How do I register my cat or dog?

To register online, visit the NSW Pet Registry at

Please note that you will need to provide one of the following forms of ID - driver's licence, Medicare card or passport.


Download and complete a NSW Companion Animals registration form.

You will receive your certificate of registration once your cat or dog is registered.

The registration fee is a once-only payment and covers lifetime registration in NSW, even if pet ownership changes.

Submitting your form

You can post or email your documents (photocopy only of the certificates) to:

  1. PO Box 37, Hornsby NSW 1630 attention ‘Dog and cat registration’, or
  2. Email to

Once your registration form is received Councils Companion Animal team will be in contact to advise of payment options.

For other payment options, please call Council on 9847 6666.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download and complete a change of details form. The form should then be sent to Hornsby Shire Council.


Visit the NSW Pet Registry at

Download and complete a change of ownership form. The form should then be sent to Hornsby Shire Council.


Visit the NSW Pet Registry at

There are a number of reasons why your pets microchip number cannot be found and you can’t ‘claim’ your pet:

  • The microchip number may not be entered correctly on the Register or may not be entered at all.
  • Your pet may be in the previous owner’s details or in the name of another member of your family (for you to claim your pet it must be in your name).
  • Your ownership details on the Register must correspond with the details on your licence e.g if the microchip details state ‘Dan Smith’ but your licence states ‘Daniel Smith’ then Mr Smith will not be able to claim his pet. If there are spaces in the phone numbers on the microchip then he will also not be able to claim his pet.
  • Your name must be your first name and surname only and the address must match exactly what is on your licence
  • If your pet is in two owner’s names you will not be able to claim your pet online

If this is the case, please phone us on 9847 6666 or e-mail so we can help you.

Please contact the Office of Local Government at

Please send your desexing certificates/proof of desexing through to us at and we will mark the microchip as desexed, you should then be able to pay the reduced desexed fee. Alternatively your vet should be able to mark the microchip for you if they have desexed your pet.

Please contact us at Council on 9847 6666 or e-mail as these registrations cannot be made online

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For more information and FAQ’s please visit