For Schools

Council provides resources to help schools educate their parent and carer community about parking and traffic rules, and general road safety awareness.

There are several ways that Council can assist your school either with resources or with assistance with traffic and parking issues.


Hornsby Shire Council has a number of resources available to schools to assist in educating the school community about parking and traffic rules in and around school zones.

Download resources here

Transport for NSW – Free school road safety resources

School zone parking management and infrastructure

Council works with schools on parking management, enforcement and engineering, including suitable placement of traffic signage such as No Parking (Set-down Pick-up areas), No Stopping and Bus Zones.

Any requests for traffic infrastructure such as Pedestrian Crossings, Pedestrian Refuges or other should be made in writing to Council, care of Hornsby Shire Council, via email or mail your request to PO Box 37, Hornsby NSW 1630.

Council is responsible for ensuring the enforcement of parking regulations within and around school zones. To request additional ranger patrols for your school zone please contact Council’s Ranger Services team on 9847 6666 or via email

Have an issue within a school zone and don’t know who to contact?

Provide school zone road safety educational resources:

  • Parking and road safety information sheets.
  • Fence banners.
  • Pole wraps and fence signage for No Parking zones (set down & pick up areas).
  • Other road safety information as requested.

Download resources here

If unsure what to order email or phone the Council Road Safety Officer for assistance.

Provide active travel ideas to help manage vehicle congestion at drop off and pick up time.

Email Council’s Road Safety Officer care of: or phone 9847 6666

Provide traffic ranger patrols for parking issues and infringements.

Email Council’s Ranger Services at or phone 9847 6666


  • Damaged or missing traffic or parking signs.
  • Damaged or obstructed footpaths.
  • Trees obstructing pathways or signage.

Contact Council:

  1. Phone: (02) 9847 6666
  2. Email:
  3. Post: PO Box 37, Hornsby NSW 1630

Your issue will be referred to the relevant department.

  • Tailor professional learning support for your school's needs.
  • Offer workshops for primary and secondary teachers about best practice road safety education
  • Work with small groups of schools on road safety education projects and initiatives
  • Provide advice to principals and schools about implementation of the department's Road Safety Education, Driver Education and Training Policy
  • Support principals to help solve road safety issues in and around schools.

For more information visit the website.

Department of Education Road Safety Education Officer.

Visit the website.

In the NSW Catholic school sector, road safety education is co-ordinated by a Diocesan Road Safety Education Advisor.

Sydney Catholic Schools

For a list of the Road Safety Diocesan Advisors visit the website.

For NSW Independent Schools road safety education information visit the website.

To contact an AIS Road Safety Advisor, visit the website.

NSW Police Force
  • Speed enforcement.
  • Illegal U-turns.
  • Blocking intersections.
  • Disobeying traffic signals; and other moving violations.
  • Criminal matters.

For schools south of Thornleigh

Ryde Police Area Command (PAC)
C/o Eastwood Police Station
Phone: (02) 9858 9228

For schools Thornleigh and north

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Police Area Command (PAC)
C/o Hornsby Police Station
Phone: (02) 9476 9799

Transport for NSW – Roads & Maritime
  • Changes to speed limit, speed signage / school zone signage and maintenance.
  • Change to traffic light signals.
  • Request for mobile speed and mobile phone cameras.
  • All issues on State roads.

Contact Transport for NSW – Roads & Maritime

  1. Online via the website
  2. Phone: 13 22 13
  3. Post: PO Box 973 Parramatta CBD NSW 2124
  4. In Person: Service NSW – 324 Peats Ferry Road Hornsby