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Update – August 2021

In April 2021, Council released the Discussion Paper – Brooklyn Place Planning for community comment and feedback. The community provided feedback on the discussion paper via an online and paper-based survey.

At its July 2021 General Meeting, Council considered a report on the community feedback received via the survey on the Discussion Paper – Brooklyn Place Planning and resolved to:

  1. Note the survey results and summary of comments received during the exhibition of the Discussion Paper – Brooklyn Place Planning.
    A summary of community feedback received through the survey can be found in the summary of survey results.
  2. Endorse the guiding principles and priority actions for the development of the Brooklyn Place Plan as outlined in the Discussion Paper.
    The guiding principles and priority actions used to develop the Brooklyn Place Plan can be found in the Discussion paper extract – guiding principles + high priority actions.
  3. Endorse the revised “working version” of the vision for Brooklyn such that it may be further tested with stakeholders as the Brooklyn place planning process progresses.

    The “working version” of the vision for Brooklyn is:

    Brooklyn protects its unique natural environment and celebrates its rich European and Aboriginal heritage and waterfront village atmosphere.

    The Brooklyn village is a liveable place for people that is welcoming and vibrant for the whole community – both residents and visitors.

    The village centre is attractive, well maintained and provides support for local businesses.

    In fulfilling its function as a port and transport interchange, Brooklyn village will support all river communities to transition between river, road and rail.
  4. Staff to hold a workshop with Councillors to discuss an approach to, and principles associated with, car parking management in Brooklyn. A workshop has been scheduled with the newly elected Councillors early in their new term in 2022.

In summary, Report GM 31/21 effectively pauses the place planning process in Brooklyn to instead focus on addressing car parking at the request of the community.

A consultation process will be initiated with the community once the newly elected Council can be briefed on the relevant matters in early 2022. Engagement on car parking in Brooklyn will be based on the Car Parking Management Study – which was adopted by Council in September 2020 – Report GM 21/20.


Next Steps

The newly elected Councillors will be given a briefing by staff in early 2022 to determine the next steps in relation to car parking in Brooklyn.

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