Directional Signs

Organisations may request Council to install directional street blades (white on blue) to identify the location of a particular organisation i.e. Church, Preschool, Community group etc.

The directional street blade is either 200mm or 150mm wide and is installed on a new steel stem or on an existing stem under the street name blade.

There are 4 steps in the process of installing a directional sign as follows:

  1. Complete an ‘Application for Directional’ sign form outlining the name of the road and intersecting road and details of the wording they require on the street blade.  Please note that payment is not made until after assessment of the application.

    Apply Now

  2. When this information is received, Council’s Traffic Facilities Officer will arrange an inspection of the site to determine whether the location is suitable.  The Officer will consider existing underground services, existing stems and whether 2.1m height requirement is met.  The Officer will liaise with the applicant regarding wording and location if necessary.

  3. If the location is suitable, the Officer will forward an invoice for payment to the applicant to Council.
    • A standard directional sign and post costs $589 (2022/2023)
    • A standard directional sign using an existing post costs $201.50 (2022/2023)
    • There is no fee for non-profit organisations.
    • Check fees each new Financial year i.e. July each year.
  4. Once the payment is received the street blade will be ordered from the manufacturer and when it arrives in-stock arrangements will be made to install the street blade.

    The Officer will advise the applicant of the time frame and when the sign will be installed.