Single-use plastics

reusable coffee cups, drink bottles and straws

Single-use plastics make up a large proportion of litter in NSW. They cause enormous damage to the environment as they do not naturally break down and are proven to cause significant harm to people and the environment. All levels of government are supporting the community to move away from these plastics.

In Hornsby Shire Council

Hornsby Shire Council adopted its Single-Use Plastics Policy in 2020. As well as Council’s general operations and facilities, the policy is aimed at community-run and supported events on Council land.

Those holding events on Council owned land must phase-out the use, sale or other provision of food, drinks, and packaging items made from single-use disposable plastics. This includes:

  • plastic bags
  • drinking straws
  • plastic water bottles
  • coffee cups (with plastic lining)
  • balloons

Across NSW

In 2021 the NSW Government passed the Plastics and Circular Economy Act 2021. The Act will phase out and, where possible, eliminate single use plastic items including:

  • lightweight plastic bags
  • plastic drinking straws
  • plastic cutlery and stirrers
  • plastic plates and bowls
  • expanded polystyrene food service items

Starting 1 June 2022, the legislation prohibits the supply of lightweight plastic bags, followed by the remaining items by 1 November 2022. Alternatives must also not contain any plastic at all, even if it’s compostable or biodegradable.

Single-use plastics alternatives

There are many viable alternatives to single-use plastic items. We encourage you to check out the range and choose what is best for you.


More information

Please contact waste@hornsby.nsw.gov.au or phone Council’s Waste Hotline on 13 70 30 for more information and support.