Rural Lands Study Planning Proposal

The Council initiated planning proposal seeks to implement the recommendations of the Hornsby Rural Lands Study 2022 (Hornsby RLS). The Hornsby RLS reviews the planning controls, existing character, and land use patterns in the rural lands to provide parameters for future land use planning and set a vision for rural areas. The vision for Hornsby’s rural areas, is that:

  • Hornsby Shire’s rural area is valued for its unique landscapes, its biodiversity, and the lives it supports.
  • Primary production in the rural area is protected and supported by opportunities for value-adding that leverage Hornsby Shire’s farming, scenic landscapes, rural amenity and proximity to bushland.
  • Planning in the rural area manages environmental risk and development constraints.

This vision is supported by key principles and recommendations that seek to improve the viability of rural lands, support existing commercial agriculture, avoid land use conflict and protect landscape and biodiversity values. This planning proposal seeks to implement five amendments to the Hornsby Local Environmental Plan (Hornsby LEP) recommended by the Hornsby RLS. The proposed amendments to the Hornsby LEP are as follows:

  • Amendment 1: Amend Hornsby LEP RU1 Primary Production, RU2 Rural Landscape RU4 Primary Production and C3 Environmental Management zone objectives to reflect the intent of the zones to support value adding activities for agriculture.
  • Amendment 2: Include optional Standard Instrument Clause 5.16 into the Hornsby LEP to require consideration of land use conflicts.
  • Amendment 3: Amend the wording of Hornsby LEP Clause 6.9 to clarify existing controls for attached dual occupancies.
  • Amendment 4: Permit roadside stalls to sell produce and locally made items from area generally (instead of being restricted to the site and adjoining properties.
  • Amendment 5: Amend the requirements for lot size calculation in Hornsby LEP Clause 4.1 so that access handles are included in lot size calculations in rural areas.

You can track the progress of the planning proposal on the NSW Government Planning Portal website here:

To read more about the Hornsby RLS, please visit the Future Hornsby website.

Original Planning Proposal (July 2023)

Copies of the documentation submitted with the planning proposal are available below:

Gateway determination

Updated Planning Proposal (September 2023)