Hoardings provide safe temporary fencing to protect the public from the hazards of adjacent construction, excavation or demolition works. Hornsby Council classifies hoardings into three categories:

Class A

Class A Hoarding is a fence that is located no more than 300mm onto Council land.

Class B

Class B Hoarding is a solid structure and the largest type of hoarding able to be applied for. It is commonly required where overhead protection is needed for pedestrians utilizing the footpath, and may be with or without site sheds overhead.

Class C

Class C Hoarding is a fence or scaffolding that is located more than 300mm and up to 1800mm into Council land where the width is:

  • at least 3500mm, or
  • not more than half the width of the 3500mm, or
  • not more than half the width of the footpath/footway whichever is the lesser.

Apply Now

Applying for a temporary fencing/hoarding permit can now be made online with the upfront payment of the non-refundable Permit Fee.

The total cost payable by the applicant will be based on Council’s Fees and Charges as applicable for the hoarding type. The actual hoarding type will be assessed on-site by Council’s Environmental Compliance Officer.

Online application for hoardings