New Fiction and DVD Titles on Order

new fiction and DVD titles on order

  • 80 For Brady
  • Africa's Deadly Kingdom: Bushveld
  • Africa's Deadly Kingdom: Coastlines
  • Africa's Deadly Kingdom: Deserts
  • Africa's Deadly Kingdom: Grass Plains
  • Africa's Deadly Kingdom: Kalahari
  • Africa's Deadly Kingdom: Reefs
  • Anatomy Of A Fall
  • Anyone But You
  • Australia's Open
  • Bad Behaviour
  • The Bay: Season 3
  • Before Dawn
  • Billions: Season one
  • Blood For Dust
  • Blue murder
  • Bob Marley - One Love
  • Bring Him To Me
  • Chief Of Station
  • The Color Purple
  • Confess, Fletch
  • Control
  • Corner Office
  • Das Boot: Season 2-3
  • Fallen Leaves
  • Father Brown: Series 9
  • Father Brown: Series 7
  • Force Of Nature - The Dry 2
  • Grace: Series 3
  • The Holdovers
  • Hornblower: The complete collection
  • How To Have Sex
  • The Iron Claw
  • Jericho Ridge
  • Jesse Stone: Collection
  • The Lakes - Series 2
  • The Madame Blanc Mysteries : Series 3
  • Madame Web
  • May December
  • McDonald & Dodds: Series 3
  • Mean Girls
  • Monolith
  • Murder In Provence: Series 1
  • Muster Dogs: Season 1
  • Muster Dogs: Season 2
  • New Amsterdam: Season 5
  • One Life
  • Oppenheimer
  • Planet Earth III
  • Race For Glory - Audi Vs Lancia
  • Red Right Hand
  • The Resort: Season 1
  • Riverdale: Season 7
  • The Rooster
  • The Royal Hotel
  • Sex, Drugs and String Quartets
  • Special Ops - Lioness: Season 1
  • Stylebender
  • Sullivan's Crossing: Season 1
  • Suzume
  • The Equalizer 3
  • The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil
  • The Tower: Series 2
  • Two Tickets To Greece
  • The Umbrella Academy: Season 3
  • Vera: Series 12
  • Wanted Man
  • Warhorse One
  • Wicked Little Letters
  • The Zone Of Interest

Hurdy Gurdy  
Ackland, Jenny

Aguda, 'Pemi

The Tribe  
Ahmad, Michael Mohammed

The Skeleton House  
Allum, Katherine

Summers at the Saint  
Andrews, Mary Kay

Private Rites  
Armfield, Julia

Don't Let The Devil Ride  
Atkins, Ace

The Memory of Us  
Atkins, Dani

The Au Pair Affair  
Bailey, Tessa

I Will Ruin You  
Barclay, Linwood

Ghost Station  
Barnes, S A.

Mrs Hopkins  
Barrett, Shirley

I'm Afraid You've Got Dragons  
Beagle, Peter S.

The Paris Widow  
Belle, Kimberly

The Lost Letters of Rose Carey  
Bennett, Julie

Love & Rome  
Bianco, Jenna Lo

The Woman with No Name  
Blake, Audrey

The Atlas six  
Blake, Olivie,

The Atlas paradox  
Blake, Olivie, ; Follmuth, Alexene Farol

Bonjour, Sophie  
Buchan, Elizabeth

A House Like An Accordion  
Burges, Audrey

The Little Clothes  
Callaghan, Deborah

The British Booksellers  
Cambron, Kristy

The Ballad of Jacquotte Delahaye  
Cameron, Briony

The Intern  
Campbell, Michele

Our Holiday  
Candlish, Louise

Red Sky Mourning  
Carr, Jack

The Terminal List  
Carr, Jack

The Death Watcher  
Carter, Chris

The Caller  
Carter, Chris

One by one  
Carter, Chris

Casati, Costanza

A Stranger in the Family  
Casey, Jane

Let the Dead Speak  
Casey, Jane

Swift River  
Chambers, Essie

The Midnight Hour  
Chase, Eve

The Glassmaker  
Chevalier, Tracy

Safe Enough: And other stories  
Child, Lee

Your utopia: stories  
Chung, Bora

The Girls We Sent Away  
Church, Meagan

Woman, Missing  
Clark, Sherryl

High Island Blues  
Cleeves, Ann

The Mill on the Shore  
Cleeves, Ann

Sea Fever  
Cleeves, Ann

Murder at the Monastery  
Coles, Richard

Comey, James

Costello, Mary

Where They Lie  
Coughlan, Claire

The extinction of Irena Rey  
Croft, Jennifer

Cusk, Rachel

The Girl with the Violin  
Davidow, Shelley

Nuclear Family  
Davies, Kate

The Chamber  
Dean, Will

Just One Taste  
Dent, Lizzy

The Playdate  
Dillon, Clara

Irresponsible Adult  
Dillon, Lucy

Briefly Very Beautiful  
Dineen, Roz

The Lyrebird Lake Ladies Choir
Docker, Sandie

I Love You, I Love You, I Love You  
Dockrill, Laura

Murder Most Treasonable  
Doherty, Paul

Grow Where They Fall  
Donkor, Michael

Long Time Gone  
Donlea, Charlie

Red River Road  
Downes, Anna

The Curse Of Sins  
Dramis, Kate

Duckor-Jones, Avi

Killing On The Hill  
Dugoni, Robert

Elkin, Lauren

First lie wins  
Elston, Ashley,

The Forgotten Names  
Escobar, Mario

Farmer, Beverley

Red side story  
Fforde, Jasper,

Shades of grey  
Fforde, Jasper,

If Something Happens to Me  
Finlay, Alex

End of story  
Finn, A. J.,

The Midnight Feast  
Foley, Lucy

The King's Witches  
Foster, Kate

Until August  
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel

Crow Talk  
Garvin, Eileen

The Stranger At The Wedding  
Gauntlett, A E.

The Story Thief  
Geddes, Kyra

The mystery writer
Gentill, Sulari,

Altar Girls  
Gibney, Patricia

To Kill a King  
Gilman, David

Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly  
Glen, Joanna

The list of suspicious things  
Godfrey, Jennie,

The Yacht  
Goodwin, Sarah

Grace, Hannah,

Death on the Lusitania
Graham, R L.

Temptation of the Force  
Gratton, Tessa

The Love of My Afterlife  
Greenwood, Kirsty

The racketeer  
Grisham, John

Life Impossible  
Haig, Matt

The Bookshop Woman  
Hanada, Nanako

The Black Bird Oracle  
Harkness, Deborah

Time's Convert  
Harkness, Deborah

The Paris daughter  
Harmel, Kristin

The Tuscan Daughter  
Harris, Tessa

April May June July  
Hart, Alison B.

Hayder, Mo

Not in Love  
Hazelwood, Ali

Hazelwood, Ali

Dune messiah  
Herbert, Frank, Jr

Look on the Bright Side  
Higgins, Kristan

Swan Song  
Hilderbrand, Elin

The Desert Knows Her Name  
Hills, Lia

Holland, James

Emma, Disappeared  
Hughes, Andrew

Meet Me When My Heart Stops  
Hunter, Becky

Love From Scratch  
Hutton, Amy

Ibeh, Chukwuebuka

Southern Man  
Iles, Greg

Natchez Burning  
Iles, Greg

They Thought I Was Dead  
James, Peter

The Next Girl  
Jean, Emiko

Every Time We Say Goodbye  
Jenner, Natalie

Crooked Seeds  
Jennings, Karen

Dry Road to Nowhere  
Johnstone, William W.; Johnstone, J A.

Kane, Ben

The Kamogawa food detectives  
Kashiwai, Hisashi

Shadow Network
Kent, Tony

Miracle Creek  
Kim, Angie

The God and the Gumiho  
Kim, Sophie

Kristian, Giles

Kruimink, Kate

The burning god  
Kuang, R. F.

The poppy war  
Kuang, R. F.

Blue Ruin  
Kunzru, Hari

Gate to Kagoshima  
Kuroki, Poppy

Things I Need You to Know  
Lamprell, Mark

The Devil You Know  
Lancaster, Neil

Everyone here is lying  
Lapena, Shari

The Devil's Fortress  
Larkin, Patrick; Brown, Dale

Lautner, Robert

The book that wouldn't burn  
Lawrence, Mark

A town called Solace  
Lawson, Mary

Le Nay, Louise

The Last Letter From London  
Lecky, Pam

Wallaby Lane  
Linnell, Maya

View From The Stars: Stories And Essays  
Liu, Cixin

The Dream Home  
Logan, T M.

House of flame and shadow  
Maas, Sarah J.

House of sky and breath  
Maas, Sarah J.

Remember, Remember  
Machray, Elle

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies  
Mack, Catherine

The Burial Plot  
Macneal, Elizabeth

And Now the Light is Everywhere  
MacRae, L A.

Thirty Days Of Darkness
Madsen, Jenny Lund

If I Were You  
Major, Cesca

The Italian Holiday  
Mangan, Catherine

Bring up the bodies  
Mantel, Hilary

Someone In The Attic  
Mara, Andrea

When The Bough Breaks  
Mark, David

The Secret History of Audrey James  
Marshall, Heather

Murder in Transit  
Marston, Edward

A clash of kings  
Martin, George R. R.

My friends  
Matar, Hisham

Joy Moody is out of time  
Mayne, Kerryn

Tripping Arcadia  
Mayquist, Kit

McEwan, Stacey

Operation Scarlet  
McMillan, Rachel

Deep Beneath Us  
McPherson, Catriona

Blue Sisters  
Mellors, Coco

Lula Dean's Little Library Of Banned Books  
Miller, Kirsten

The Birthday Weekend  
Miller, Zoe

The Shadow Lily  
Mo, Johanna

The God of The Woods  
Moore, Liz

The Summer Swap  
Morgan, Sarah

Mukherjee, Neel

The Amethyst Kingdom  
Mulford, A K.

Death in the Air  
Murali, Ram

The bee sting  
Murray, Paul

The spill  
Neeme, Imbi,

Only Here, Only Now  
Newlands, Tom

Newman, Catherine

One day  
Nicholls, David

Oates, Joyce Carol

After a Dance: Selected Stories  
O'Connor, Bridget

The Rachel incident  
O'Donoghue, Caroline

Every Trick In The Book  
O'Keeffe, Bernard

Neighbors and Other Stories  
Oliver, Diane

Godwin  O'Neill, Joseph

Shining Like the Sun  
Orr, Stephen

We Solve Murders  
Osman, Richard

The Hole  
Oyamada, Hiroko

The Lifeline  
Page, Libby

Pamuk, Orhan

The Guest  
Paris, B A.

Imperial Harvest  
Pascoe, Bruce

Tom Lake  
Patchett, Ann,

Confessions of the Dead  
Patterson, James

How to Age Disgracefully  
Pooley, Clare

A Novel Love Story  
Poston, Ashley

The Borrowed Hills  
Preston, Scott

The Charmed Friends of Trove Isle  
Rains, Annie

Summer At The Santorini Bookshop  
Raisin, Rebecca

The Gallopers  
Ransom, Jon

Reich, Christopher

Come and get it  
Reid, Kiley,

The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo  
Reid, Taylor Jenkins

The search party  
Richell, Hannah

The Suspect  
Rinder, Rob

The Best Life Book Club  
Roberts, Sheila

The Negotiator  
Robinson, Brooke

Robinson, Roxana

Rooney, Sally

Very Bad Company  
Rosenblum, Emma

The Guncle Abroad  
Rowley, Steven

I'm New Here  
Russell-Hsieh, Ian

Saint, Jennifer

The Sense of Wonder  
Salesses, Matthew

Nosy Neighbors  
Sampson, Freya

The Switch  
Samson, Lily

Lore Of The Wilds  
Sbrana, Analeigh

The Truth About the Devlins  
Scottoline, Lisa

Welcome To Glorious Tuga  
Segal, Francesca

All the Beautiful Things You Love  
Seidler, Jonathan

The wishing game  
Shaffer, Meg,

A Spy Like Me  
Sherwood, Kim

The Young Widows  
Short, S J.

The Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying Club  
Simonson, Helen

This Is Why We Lied  
Slaughter, Karin

Smith, Gabriel

Lore Olympus, Vol. 6  
Smythe, Rachel

Here In The Dark  
Soloski, Alexis

The Trial  
Spain, Jo

One Last Summer  
Spencer, Kate

A Court This Cruel And Lovely  
Stark, Stacia

A Crown This Cold And Heavy  
Stark, Stacia

A Kingdom This Cursed And Empty  
Stark, Stacia

Your Absence is Darkness  
Stefansson, Jon Kalman

The Grapes of Wrath  
Steinbeck John

I Hope This Finds You Well  
Sue, Natalie

The Kellerby Code  
Sweet, Jonny

The Takeover  
Tanamachi, Cara

Service Model  
Tchaikovsky, Adrian

Thomas, Cari

The Sleepwalkers  
Thomas, Scarlett

The Grief House  
Thorne, Rebecca

D Is For Death  
Townson, Harriet F.

Spoilt Creatures  
Twigg, Amy

The Dispossessed  
Ursula K. Le Guin

The Safekeep  
Van Der Wouden, Yael

Hard by a great forest  
Vardiashvili, Leo

A Cage Went in Search of a Bird: Ten Kafkaesque Stories  

The In Crowd  
Vassell, Charlotte

To the river  
Wakefield, Vikki

Holiday Romance
Walsh, Catherine

One Perfect Couple  
Ware, Ruth

The North Wind  
Warwick, Alexandria

Moral Injuries  
Watson, Christie

The Key to Deceit: An Electra McDonnell Novel  
Weaver, Ashley

Playing It Safe  
Weaver, Ashley

Shadows of Winter Robins  
Wolhuter, Louise

One of Our Kind  
Yoon, Nicola

The Hive and the Honey  
Yoon, Paul