New Fiction and DVD Titles on Order

new fiction and DVD titles on order

  • The Adventures Of Wolfboy
  • After Henry: The Complete Series
  • Agatha And The Curse Of Ishtar
  • Airliner Sky Battle
  • Alone
  • And Mother Makes Three: Complete Series
  • Bancroft: Series 2
  • Battle Of The Bulge: Winter War
  • The Bill: Series 15
  • Blackbird
  • The Clark Sisters: First Ladies Of Gospel
  • Colony: Season 1
  • Colony: Season 2
  • Colony: Season 3
  • The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover
  • Days Of The Bagnold Summer
  • The Drowning
  • Ellie And Abbie (and Ellie's Dead Aunt)
  • The Eric Sykes Collection
  • Fire: Complete Series
  • A Friendly Tale
  • A Gift From Bob
  • The Glorias
  • Great News: The Complete Collection
  • High Ground
  • House Of Lies: Season 5
  • It's A Sin
  • Jane The Virgin: Seasons 1-5
  • Life
  • Lipstick Jungle: Complete Collection
  • The Little Things
  • Love, Weddings And Other Disasters
  • March Of The Dinosaurs
  • Minari
  • Monsoon
  • Monster Hunter
  • Narco Soldiers
  • Nomadland
  • A Perfect Planet
  • Pixie
  • Saving Zoe
  • Secret Impressionists
  • The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch: Season 1
  • Shadowplay: Season 1
  • Spread Your Wings
  • Stork
  • Superstore: Seasons 1-5
  • Three Days Of The Condor
  • Tintoretto: A Rebel In Venice
  • Trickster: Season 1
  • Upright
  • A Violent Separation
  • Wide Of The Mark
  • Wild Mountain Thyme
  • A Woman's Vengeance
  • Wonder Woman 1984
  • The Wrecking Crew
  • Yellowstone: Season 3

Abrams, Stacey
While Justice Sleeps

Ahmad, Michael Mohammed
The Other Half of You

Alexander, Tasha
The Dark Heart of Florence

Allen, Hania
The Ice Hotel

Andrew, Kerry

Archer, Rosie
The Picture House Girls

Asher, Neal
Jack Four

Baine, Karin
One night with her Italian doc

Baker, Tina
Call Me Mummy

Bazzani, Rozzi
The Piano Woman

Benedict, Marie
The Personal Librarian

Benns, Matthew
The Dying Diplomats' Club

Billingham, Billy
Call to Kill

Blackwell, Juliet
Off the Wild Coast of Brittany

Blau, Sarah
The Others

Bobis, Merlinda Carullo
The Kindness of Birds

Bond, Caroline
The Legacy

Boschwitz, Ulrich Alexander
The Passenger

Bova, Ben
Power Challenges

Boyle, T C.
Talk to Me

Bo-Young, Kim
I'm Waiting For You

Brandi, Mark
The Others

Brissenden, Michael
Dead letters

Brooks, Terry
Small Magic: Short Fiction, 1977-2020

Brown, Dale
Arctic Storm Rising

Brown, Gregory
The Lowering Days

Bublitz, Jacqueline
Before You Knew My Name

Buchanan, Daisy

Buchanan, Greg
Sixteen Horses

Buehlman, Christopher
The Blacktongue Thief

Burley, John
Surrender The Dead

Byers, Sam
Come Join Our Disease

Cain, Matt
The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle

Calvey, Linda
The Locksmith

Cambron, Kristy
The Paris Dressmaker

Carey, C J.

Carr, Jack
The Devil's Hand

Carr, Jack
Savage Son

Carroll, B M.
You Had It Coming

Carter, Eva
How To Save A Life

Carter, Mary Dixie
The Photographer

Casey, Jane
The Killing Kind

Castle, A M.
The Invitation

Cheesman, Elodie
Love, In Theory

Childs, Laura
Haunted Hibiscus

Chung, Maxine Mei-Fung
The Eighth Girl

Cobb, May
The Hunting Wives

Colgan, Jenny
Sunrise by the Sea

Cusk, Rachel
Second Place

Danvers, Julie
Falling again in El Salvador

Daugherty, Christi
Revolver Road

Dave, Laura
The Last Thing He Told Me

Dawson, Mark
Saint Death

Day, Sylvia
So Close

de Vigan, Delphine

Dean, Abigail
Girl A

Delargy, James

Deveraux, Jude
Meant to Be

Dickinson, Margaret
Secrets at Bletchley Park

Doller, Trish
Float Plan

Donohue, Rachel
The Beauty of Impossible Things

Doyle, Briohny

Duckworth, Charlotte
Unfollow Me

Durst, Sarah Beth
The Bone Maker

Duval, Robin
Going to America

Emanuel, Lisa
The Covered Wife

Eunyoung, Choi
Shoko's Smile

Everett, Elizabeth
A Lady's Formula for Love

Evison, Jonathan
Legends of the North Cascades

Fallon, Jane
Worst Idea Ever

Farndale, Nigel
The Dictator's Muse

Feng, Linda Rui
Swimming Back to Trout River

FitzGerald, Helen
Ash Mountain

Fitzgerald, Michael

Freeborn, Rebecca
The Favour

Freitas, Donna
The Nine Lives Of Rose Napolitano

Galgut, Damon
The Promise

Galligan, John
Dead Man Dancing

Garvin, Eileen
The Music of Bees

Ginsburg, Melissa
The House Uptown

Givney, RachelSecrets
My Father Kept

Goldsworthy, Adrian
The Fort

Green, C S.
Sleep Tight

Greengrass, Jessie
The High House

Griffin, Anne
Listening Still

Grimwood, Jack
Island Reich

Gwynne, John
The Shadow of the Gods

Hall, Steven
Maxwell's demon

Halls, Stacey
Mrs England

Hamdy, Adam
Red Wolves

Hammond, A W.
The Paris Collaborator

Hannah, Kristin
The four winds

Hardiman, Rebecca
Good Eggs

Harding, Georgina

Harris, C S.
What the Devil Knows

Harris, Fiona; McLeish, Mike
The Pick-Up

Harris, Sarah J.
One Ordinary Day at a Time

Harris, Zakiya Dalila
The Other Black Girl

Hart, Pamela
Digging Up Dirt

Harwood, J J A.
The Shadow in the Glass

Hawkins, Kelli
Other people's houses

Haynes, Kally
How Did I Not See

Heaton, Louisa
Risking her heart on the trauma doc

Hilary, Sarah

Hilderbrand, Elin
Golden Girl

Holland, Lucy

Hornby, Emma
The Maid's Disgrace

Hubbard, Ladee
The Rib King

Itami, Emily
Fault Lines

Jacobs, Anna
A Valley Dream

James, Peter
Left You Dead

Johansen, Iris
The Bullet

Johnson, Nancy
The Kindest Lie

Judd, Alan
A Fine Madness

Karras, Mary
The Making of Mrs Petrakis

Katsu, Alma
Red Widow

Kawakami, Mieko

Kelly, Greta
The Frozen Crown

Kennard, Luke
The Answer To Everything

Kennedy, Nicole
Everything's Perfect

Kent, Christobel
The Widower

Killeen, Gretel
My daughter's wedding

Kingsbury, Karen
A Distant Shore

Kitson, Mick

Kline, Harriet
This Shining Life

Klingborg, Brian
City of Ice

Korelitz, Jean Hanff
The Plot

Lauren, Christina
The Soulmate Equation

Lenze, Ulla
The Radio Operator

Ley, Rosanna
The Orange Grove

Lianke, Yan
Hard Like Water

Linnell, Maya
Magpie's Bend

Lipinska, Blanka
365 Days

Logan, T M.
Trust Me

Lowe, Katie
The Murder of Graham Catton

Macaire, Jennifer
A Remedy In Time

MacKay, Sue
The GP's secret baby wish

Mackie, Bella
How To Kill Your Family

Macmanus, Annie
Mother Mother

Macneal, Elizabeth
Circus of Wonders

Major, C D.
The Thin Place

Mallery, Susan
The Stepsisters

Mangan, Christine
Palace of the Drowned

Mannion, Una
A Crooked Tree

Marcelo, Tif
In a Book Club Far Away

Marshall, Owen
The Author's Cut: Short Stories

Marston, Edward
Tragedy on the Branch Line

Martin, Madeline
The Last Bookshop in London

Martine, Arkady
A Desolation Called Peace

Massey, Sujata
The Bombay Prince

Mattinson, Campbell
We Were Not Men

McArthur, Fiona
Second chance in Barcelona

McCourt, Suzanne
The Tulip Tree

McDonald, R W R.
Nancy Business

McInerney, Lisa
The Rules of Revelation

McKenzie, Catherine
Six Weeks to Live

Meaney, Roisin
The Book Club

Michaelides, Alex
The Maidens

Michaels, Fern
No Way Out

Michaels, Fern

Miles, Terry

Mir, Saima
The Khan

Moleta, Clare

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
The Beautiful Ones

Morgan, Sarah
The Summer Seekers

Musso, Guillaume
The Secret Life of Writers

Myers, Benjamin
Male Tears

Nable, Matt

Nadel, Barbara

Nealon, Louise

Neville, Kim
The Memory Collectors

Novak, Brenda
The Bookstore on the Beach

O'Keeffe, Angela
Night Blue

O'Loughlin, Ed
This Eden

Onuzo, Chibundu

Oswald, Debra
The family doctor

Oyeyemi, Helen

Papillon, Buki
An Ordinary Wonder

Park, A J.
Don't Speak

Parks, Adele
Both of You

Parks, Alan
The April Dead

Pearse, Sarah
The sanatorium

Percy, Benjamin
The Ninth Metal

Perry, Anne
A Darker Reality

Perry, Karen
The Stranger

Perry, S W.
The Heretic's Mark

Phelps, James
The Inside Man

Phillips, Jessica (editor)
Verge 2021: Home

Polzin, Jackie

Power, Kevin
White City

Prowse, Amanda
Waiting to Begin

Pung, Alice
One Hundred Days

Quick, Amanda
The Lady Has a Past

Quinn, Stella
The Vet from Snowy River

Quirk, Matthew
Hour Of The Assassin

Radburn, B. Michael
The Reach

Raina, Rahul
How to Kidnap the Rich

Rankin-Gee, Rosa

Reece, Francesca

Reynolds, Allie

Riley, Gwendoline
My Phantoms

Riley, Lucinda
The Missing Sister

Riviere, Sam
Dead Souls

Roberts, Adam
Purgatory Mount

Roberts, Nora
O'Hurley's Return: Skin Deep

Ross, Leone
This One Sky Day

Rowley, Steven
The Guncle

Sands, Charlene
One night in Texas

Sawyer, Kim Vogel
From This Moment

Seethaler, Robert
The Field

Shalvis, Jill
Love for Beginners

Shepard, Jim
Phase Six

Shriver, Lionel
Should We Stay Or Should We Go

Silva, Samantha
Love and Fury

Silver, Marisa
The Mysteries

Simsion, Graeme; Buist, Anne
Two Steps Onward

Smirnoff, Karin
My Brother

Spain, Jo
The Perfect Lie

Spit, Lize
The Melting

Starford, Rebecca
The imitator

Strawser, Jessica
A Million Reasons Why

Taddeo, Lisa

Tanabe, Karin
A Hundred Suns

Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Shards of Earth

Thomas, Cari

Thompson, Elizabeth
Lost in Paris

Thomson, Rupert
Barcelona Dreaming

Toon, Paige
Someone I Used To Know

Tope, Rebecca
The Ullswater Undertaking

Tudor, C. J.
The burning girls

Valentine, V L.
The Plague Letters

Flock: First Nations Stories Then and Now

Walker, Harriet
The Wedding Night

Walker, Martin
The Coldest Case

Walter, Heather

Walton, Dawnie
The Final Revival of Opal & Nev

Ward, Catriona
The Last House on Needless Street

Weir, Alison
Katharine Parr: The Sixth Wife

Wharton, Anna
The Imposter

White, Karen
The Last Night In London

Willberg, T A.
Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder

Williams, Beatriz
Our Woman In Moscow

Willig, Lauren
Band of Sisters

Wilson, Carter
The Dead Husband

Wilson, Scarlet
His blind date bride

Winman, Sarah
Still Life

Winner, Vogel
Vogel Winner 2021

Winters, Rebecca
The Greek's secret heir

Wood, Daisy
The Clockmaker's Wife

Wood, Tom
A Quiet Man

Woods, Stuart

Wright, Michelle
Small Acts of Defiance

Yates, Maisey
The rancher's wager

Yeowart, Lyn
The silent listener

Yoon, David
Version Zero