New Fiction and DVD Titles on Order

new fiction and DVD titles on order

  • Amsterdam
  • The Angels: Kickin' Down The Door
  • The Beatles: Get Back
  • The Bill: Series 26
  • Black Adam
  • Black Warrant
  • Black Wood
  • Bodies Bodies Bodies
  • Bros
  • Don't Worry Darling
  • Fatima
  • Good luck to you, Leo Grande
  • Grey's Anatomy: Season 18
  • Hanuman: Shadow Master
  • High Heat
  • House Of The Dragon: Season 1
  • The Interpreter
  • Kramer Vs. Kramer
  • Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend
  • The Last Manhunt
  • Maneater
  • The Mayor Of Casterbridge
  • The Minute You Wake Up Dead
  • Mr Inbetween: Season 1
  • Mr Inbetween: Season 2
  • Mrs Harris Goes To Paris
  • New Amsterdam: Season 4
  • Nope
  • The Offer: Season 1
  • Operation Buffalo
  • Operation Mincemeat
  • Reacher: Season 1
  • Ridley
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Wire Room
  • Wog Boys Forever
  • The Woman King
  • X Company: Seasons 1-3

Abdullah, Kia
Those People Next Door

Arnott, Robbie

Atkinson, Kate
Shrines of gaiety

Barron, Caroline
Golden Days

Beaton, M C.
Death of a Traitor

Belcourt, Billy-Ray
A Minor Chorus

Benedict, Marie
The Mitford Affair

Bennetto, Catherine
The Reason

Bergman, Anya
The Witches of Vardo

Berne, Suzanne
The Blue Window

Berry, Steve
The Last Kingdom

Booker, Simon
Three's A Crowd

Box, C J.
Storm Watch

Brennan, Allison
Don't Open the Door

Buist, Anne
Locked Ward

Burdess, Abigail
Mother's Day

Burges, Audrey
The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone

Callen, Alissa
Snowy Mountains Promise

Carlsson, Christoffer
Blaze Me a Sun

Carr, Deborah
The Beekeeper's War

Childs, Laura
Twisted Tea Christmas

Ciesielski, J'nell
The Brilliance of Stars

Clark, Mary Higgins
Where Are The Children?

Clark, Mary Higgins
Where Are the Children Now?

Coben, Harlan
I Will Find You

Coble, Colleen
Dark of Night

Coleman, Elizabeth
A Routine Infidelity

Conroy, Vivian
Mystery in Provence

Correa, Armando Lucas
The Night Travelers

Costeloe, Diney
Girl Who Dared To Dream

Cross, A J.
Reflections of Deviance

Curtis, Grace

Dafydd, Fflur
The Library Suicides

Dalgarno, Paul
A Country of Eternal Light

De Castrique, Mark
Secret Lives

De La Motte, Anders
Deeds Of Autumn

Denny, Emma
One Night in Hartswood

Anon Pls

Disher, Garry
Day's end

Doherty, Paul
Dark Queen Wary

Doller, Trish
Off the Map

Downing, Samantha
My Lovely Wife

Ellis, Kate
Serpent's Point

Emmerichs, Sharon
Shield Maiden

Engel, Patricia
The Faraway World

Everett, Percival
The Trees

Flynn, Katie
A Rose and a Promise

French, Nicci
The Favour

Gale, Iain
SBS: Special Boat Squadron

Garmus, Bonnie
Lessons in chemistry

Geraghty, Ciara
Queen Bee

Gnodde, Kara
The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything

Golden, Christopher
All Hallows

Goodman, Allegra

Goodwin, Rosie
A Season for Hope

Gray, Alex
Questions For A Dead Man

Greaney, Mark

Green, Molly
Summer Secrets At Bletchley Park

Greer, Andrew Sean
The Best American Short Stories 2022

Grippando, James
Code 6

Hain, Peter
Elephant Conspiracy

Halloran, Jacinta

Hancock, Anne Mette

Hannay, Barbara
Still The One: Second Chance Wither Her Soldier

Harding, Paul
This Other Eden

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Before I Sleep

Hart, Emilia

Harwood, J J A.
The Thorns Remain

Heisey, Monica
Really Good Actually

Hepworth, Sally
The soulmate

Heywood, Claire
The Shadow of Perseus

Hillier, Jennifer

Hindle, Tom
The Murder Game

Hobson, Ben
The Death of John Lacey

Holmes, Rupert
Murder Your Employer: The McMasters Guide to Homicide

Hoover, Colleen
Heart Bones

Hurwitz, Gregg
Last Orphan

Jaki, Rafal
The Witcher: Ronin

Jameson, Hanna
Are You Happy Now

Janson, Julie
Madukka the River Serpent

Jenkins, Joanna
How to Kill a Client

Johns, Geoff
Black Adam: Rise and Fall of an Empire

King, Owen
The Curator

Kingsolver, Barbara
Demon Copperhead

Klassen, Julie
Sisters Of Sea View

Koch, Emily
What July Knew

Koontz, Dean
The House at the End of the World

Kubica, Mary
Just the Nicest Couple

Ladd, Kylie
I'll Leave You With This

Landay, William
All That is Mine I Carry With Me

Lane, Soraya
The Italian Daughter

Le, Shirley
Funny Ethnics

Lefevre, Carol
The Tower

Levin, Charlotte
If I Let You Go

Lewis, Susan
No One Saw It Coming

Lloyd-Barlow, Viktoria
All the Little Bird Hearts

Lowe, Ali
The Running Club

MacBride, Stuart
The Dead Of Winter

Makkai, Rebecca
I Have Some Questions For You

McCallum, Fiona
Sunrise Over Mercy Court

McCarthy, Cormac
The passenger

Mckenzie, Dinuka

McNab, Andy
Shadow State

Moore, Georgina
The Garnett Girls

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Untamed Shore

Morimi, Tomihiko
The Tatami Galaxy

Mottram, Nikki
Crows Nest

Nickson, Chris
A Dark Steel Death

Norton, GrahamForever home

O'Callaghan, Billy
The Paper Man

O'Connor, Joseph
My Father's House

O'Connor, Kath

O'Connor, Mary-Anne
Never to Surrender

O'Farrell, Maggie
The marriage portrait

O'Reilly, Judith
Sleep When You're Dead

Palmer, Diana
Colorado Country

Patel, Zoya
Once a Stranger

Patterson, James
3 Days to Live

Patterson, James; Lupica, Mike
House of Wolves

Pearse, Lesley

Peyton, Tracey Rose
Night Wherever We Go

Prendergast, Julia
Bloodrust and Other Stories: A Novella

Reid, Diana
Seeing other people

Reid, Taylor Jenkins
Carrie Soto is back

Rice, Eva
This Could be Everything

Robinson, Peter
Standing in the Shadows

Rose, Karen
Cold Blooded Liar

Rosenfield, Kat
You Must Remember This

Rushdie, Salman
Victory City

Rutledge, Luke
A Man and His Pride

Santopolo, Jill
Stars in an Italian Sky

Scarrow, Simon
Dead of Night

Scott, Caroline
Good Taste

Scottoline, Lisa

Shad, Saman
The Matchmaker

Shalvis, Jill
The Backup Plan

Shamsie, Kamila
Best of friends

Shea, Susan C.
Murder Visits a French Village

Simone, Sierra

Slater, Sofia
Auld Acquaintance

Smith, Alexander McCall
The Private Life of Spies

Smith, Sherri L.
Avatar: The High Ground, Vol. 3

Smith, Sherri L.
Avatar: The High Ground, Vol. 2

Smith, Simon
A Man of Honour

Steavenson, Wendell

Steed, Cailean

Steel, Danielle
Worthy Opponents

Stringer, Tricia
Keeping up appearances

Strout, Elizabeth
Lucy by the sea: a novel

Taylor, Brad
The Devil's Ransom

Tidhar, Lavie
The Best Of World SF: Volume 2

Tidy, Samantha
The Happiness Jar

Todd, Charles
The Cliff's Edge

Tomasi, Peter J.
Black Adam: The Dark Age

Tracy, P J.
The Devil You Know

Varese, J M.
The Company

Furies: The Virago Book of Wild Writing

Studio Ghibli: The Complete Works

Minds Went Walking: Paul Kelly's Songs Reimagined

Vassell, Charlotte
The Other Half

Waugh, Mali
Judgement Day

Wearne, Olivia
The Woman Who Knew Too Little

West-Knights, Imogen
Deep Down

Whitten, Hannah
The Foxglove King

Willingham, Stacy
All the Dangerous Things

Winslow, De'shawn Charles
Decent People

Yarwood, Dianne
The Wakes

Youngson, Anne
The Six Who Came to Dinner

Zhao, Amelie Wen
Song of Silver Flame Like Night

Zhao, Kyla
Fraud Squad