Drinking Water

More than 85% of Greater Sydney’s water supply relies on rain. This means water is in short supply during drought. In managing the urban water cycle, Hornsby Council aims to preserve our precious drinking water and minimise our impact on the environment.

Our drinking water comes from the Coxs, Kowmung, Nattai, Wingecarribee, Wollondilly and Warragamba Rivers and is mainly stored in the Warragamba Dam.

Sydney Water then pumps the water from the dam to the Prospect Water Filtration Plant where the water is disinfected, impurities are removed, and fluoride added. The water is then available for distribution to homes and businesses.

Water supplied to homes and businesses is treated to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines

Here at Council, we also believe that conservation of a natural resource such as water is good both environmentally and economically since water costs money − saving water saves money. As an example, Council’s water consumption goal for 2022 was 124,585kL, which, if achieved, will be a 14% reduction in water consumption compared to 2021 (144,932kL) and 27% reduction compared to 2017 (170,135kL). The attainment of this goal is influenced by population and rainfall and how well Council integrates water reuse, water conservation / efficiency programs, water loss reduction from an ageing infrastructure and maintenance of assets.

Hornsby Shire Council is also committed to helping the community to preserve drinking water and save some money in the process. Find easy ways to use less water

To learn more about how the drinking water is delivered to your household visit Sydney Water network.

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