Water Conservation

Water conservation has become an increasingly important issue over the last few years. Further expansion of development within Hornsby Shire will place pressure on our water supply and will require all residents, as well as Council, to reduce water use.

Hornsby Shire is home to 157,538 people (2021). This is expected to grow to 179,582 by 2036. This equates to at least 14,343 new residential dwellings within the existing residential areas of Hornsby, Asquith and Waitara.

Hornsby has amongst the highest water consumption per dwelling for LGAs in the Greater Sydney region with external water used in gardens and pools a significant influence on water use. Currently the combined water required for all residents, businesses and council services in Hornsby Shire is 14.4 billion litres of drinking water a year. The expected population growth will result in the consumption of an extra 2 billion litres of water a year to meet residential, industrial and commercial demands.

The growth in population, dwellings and infrastructure will increase:

  • Demand for drinking water
  • Stormwater runoff flowing off roads and buildings and into our creeks
  • The need for water sensitive urban design (WSUD) assets that reduce flooding and minimise pollutant loads to the Shire's waterways

How can you be more water efficient?

With the rising cost of living there are easy ways to save water and money. Discover ways to make your home more sustainable and cut your water (and energy) usage:

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