Approval to Burn a Pile of Vegetation

Permits are required for fire-related activities in Hornsby Shire. An ‘Approval To Burn’ is required to burn piles of vegetation.

Not every resident is eligible to burn vegetation in the open. Residents in rural areas are able to apply to burn a pile of vegetation via an online application. If you do plan to undertake a pile burn additional approvals are also required from other agencies.

To find out more about the different types of burning (hazard reduction burning and agricultural burning), the approval process and requirements for conducting a burn please see Before You Light That Fire - 681kb.

Residents in rural areas are now able to apply for permission to burn a pile of vegetation via an ‘Approval To Burn’ online.  If you require assistance to apply for an Approval to Burn from Hornsby Shire Council staff please contact Council on 9847 6666.

Should you wish to undertake a hazard reduction burn on your property please contact the NSW Rural Fire Service Hornsby Ku-ring-gai District Office on 9883 2000 (during business hours) for an assessment.

Apply for an Approval to Burn and obtain more information

View the following tips on safely undertaking a pile burn in the rural areas of Hornsby Shire