Bushfire Prone Land Map

A bushfire prone area contains or is near vegetation that could come under bushfire attack.

What does it mean to be in a bushfire prone area?

New development in these areas is subject to the controls of Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006. It must be designed to improve the survivability of the development and the occupants that are exposed to a bushfire hazard.

How do I find out if my property is in a bushfire prone area?

Online Mapping System

You can use the buttons below, which will take you to Hornsby Shire Council’s Bushfire Prone Land Map for both desktop computers and tablets or mobile devices.


The map of Hornsby Shire below helps identify which pdf map applies to any property, by selecting the relevant grid which applies to your land.


Note: Any areas coloured yellow, red or orange on the Bushfire Prone Land Map are considered to be bushfire prone land. However, the map does not specify the bushfire risk or Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating. For further information concerning the BAL rating please refer to the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

NSW Rural Fire Service Bush fire prone land tool

The bush fire prone land online mapping tool ("Tool") has been created using NSW Local Council’s bush fire prone maps and is designed to identify if your property is designated as bush fire prone. The Tool is provided by the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS).

Click here for the online mapping tool

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