Community Strategic Plan

Hornsby Shire Council's highest level plan, a 10-year vision that was developed collaboratively with the community.

Your Vision | Your Future 2028

Hornsby Shire’s Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028 was adopted by Council at its meeting of 13 June 2018.

What does the Community Strategic Plan do?

It identifies the main priorities and aspirations for the future of Hornsby Shire, acting as Council's long-term plan to deliver the best possible services. It also sets the strategic direction for where the people of Hornsby Shire want to be in 2028.

The Delivery Program 2020-22 including the Operational Plan 2020/21 supports Your Vision | Your Future 2028 and defines the services Council will undertake in the short term towards achieving the long term community priorities.

Measuring Progress

Your Vision | Your Future 2028 includes indicators which over the longer term will measure progress towards achieving the community outcomes and strategic goals. In March 2020, a random telephone survey was undertaken by Jetty Research of 600 Hornsby Shire adult residents to gauge progress on these Indicators, as well as identifying current community priority issues. These results will inform an End of Term Report to be produced at the end of the political term (September 2021) showing progress towards the 12 community outcomes and overall Vision identified in the current Community Strategic Plan, and will also inform the development of the next Community Strategic Plan.

Read about the survey here.

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