Wildlife Protection Areas

.Wildlife Protection Areas

Hornsby Shire Council has declared a number of Wildlife Protection Areas to help preserve our region's unique biodiversity

How you can help

  • Keep your dogs on a leash in Wildlife Protection Areas and stay on designated tracks. Council has a number of leash-free areas if you want to let your pet run free. Owners of dogs found roaming in Wildlife Protection Areas can be fined. Read more about penalities.
  • Keep your cats contained on your property during the day and indoors at night. Cats found in a Wildlife Protection Area can be seized and the owner fined. Read more about penalities.
  • All natural features including native vegetation, bush rock and fallen timber are protected and must not be removed or damaged.
  • Dumping of rubbish or garden waste and the use of motor vehicles within these areas is prohibited.

Download Wildlife Protection Areas brochure - 522kb