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green tree frog

FrogID Week – 3 November to 12 November 2023

Join in on the annual Frog Census

FrogID Week is held annually by the Australian Museum to help record frog calls using a free FrogID app, as a measurement of frog health and distribution around the nation.

Frog populations face ongoing threats from habitat loss, fungal disease and climate change but for the second winter in a row, native frogs have been found dead or dying across Australia with scientists baffled as to why.

Taking part in FrogID Week will help provide the Australian Museum’s scientists with valuable data for the protection and conservation of frogs, allowing scientists to monitor frog distributions over time, helping them to understand how frogs and their ecosystems are responding to a changing planet.

How do I get involved?

Download the free FrogID app and start tracking!

Download the free FrogID app

Did you know?

Hornsby Shire has 2 endangered local frog species – the Red Crowned Toadlet and the Giant Burrowing Frog. Locally based members of the Frog and Tadpole Study Group (FATS) have produced two short video’s about these frogs to promote frog conservation through community awareness.

Red Crowned Toadlet

Red Crowned Toadlets are very small, approximately three centimetres long. As well as their distinctive red crowns, these frogs can also have red on their back as well as black and white marbling on their underside.

Giant Burrowing Frog

The Giant Burrowing Frog is very big for an Australian frog, up to 10 cm long, which is about the same size as an orange. Like many burrowing frogs they are round-bodied, stocky and with large eyes. During the breeding season, males may also have black spikes on their hands, called nuptial spines.