Threatened species


Hornsby Shire Council conducts surveys of local wildlife and has identified 16 species that are listed as threatened. Another 10 threatened species are also thought to live or visit here. Threats to the survival of these native animals include development, land clearing, exotic species and climate change.

The survey has been carried out in 10 Wildlife Protection Areas, which include:

  1. Crosslands Reserve
  2. Dog Pound Creek, Hornsby
  3. Mt Kuring-gai Oval Bushland
  4. Turner Road Bushland, Berowra Heights
  5. Waitara Creek Bushland, Normanhurst
  6. Galston Recreation Reserve
  7. Arcadia Park Bushland, Arcadia
  8. Pennant Hills Park (including Bambarra Track)
  9. Furber Park and Crown Land, Berowra Creek
  10. One Tree Reach Wetland (Laughtondale/Wisemans Ferry)

Threatened species in Hornsby Shire

Identified species

Introduced species, which increase the risk to natives

Feral species

Future surveys

Future surveys will continue to increase Council's understanding of the threatened species under our protection. Council will continue to monitor the initial 10 sites, while broadening the search to other sites. Targeted surveys will also try to find some of the more rare and cryptic species  such as the eastern pygmy possum, heath monitor, common dunnart and southern brown bandicoot.

Other threatened species

A number of threatened species have also been found within Hornsby Shire, outside the survey sites. These include:

  • Swift parrot
  • Regent honeyeater
  • Southern brown bandicoot
  • Barking owl
  • Eastern pygmy possum
  • Large-footed myotis

You can help

If you would like to assist in the survey of threatened species, please phone Council's Natural Resources Branch on 9847 6542 or email naturalresources@hornsby.nsw.gov.au