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The 1000 Books Before School program is an early literacy program designed to build important literacy skills prior to starting school.

The program aims to encourage parents and carers to read with their young children to help prepare them for reading at school.

It’s as simple as it sounds, read 1000 books before they start school. It’s achievable:

  • Read 3 books a day, you will finish in less than 1 year
  • Read 1 book a day, and you will finish in less than 3 years.

To supplement your reading a list of suggested eBooks and eAudiobooks is available on OverDrive.

Remember you can:

  • Download and print your reading records (pdf, 13MB)
  • Join up on our online Beanstack app by downloading via Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Now that we have reopened you can come in to collect your bags and badges. If you are already registered in Beanstack, the badges that you acquire will stay as proof of your child’s progress.
  • Go to our Story Box online website for more stories.
  • Remember we have eBooks and eAudiobooks in picture book format available through our eLibrary.

Log into Beanstack

How the program works:

  • A child’s library card is necessary to register for the program
  • Register either online through the Beanstack program or go to your local Hornsby library branch to register and receive printed material.  Please note that once you have decided the method you are going to use you must stick with it and you won’t be able to change later.
  • You can also download and use the Beanstack app to manage each member of your family’s reading log and achievements. The app can be used to scan ISBN barcodes on books to quickly add
    titles to your log. The app is available for Apple iOS and Android.
  • If using printed sheets mark, colour or place a sticker on your reading record each time you read together with your child.
  • After reaching your first 100 books read milestone (either using the online or paper methods) your child will be eligible to collect a 1000 Books Before School reading bag from your branch. Every 100 books read after that (200 to 1000) you can collect a merit patch to go on the bag. If you are using printed record sheets, after every 100 books read you will need to bring the sheet to your branch to collect your bags and patches. Beanstack users can come in and the library staff will look up your accomplishments online and give you your reward.

Every book that your child completes or listens to counts, this includes stories read at:

  • Storytime sessions
  • Day care
  • Playgroup

We encourage you to use the children’s collections at your local libraries.  However, you can read books from anywhere and read them as many times as you want.

The program finishes once your child reaches the goal of 1000 books, starts school or turns 6.