Donation Guidelines

Hornsby Shire Library and Information Service is always pleased to receive donations, which can be left at any library branch.

Donation criteria

Even if we decide not to add your donation to our collection we may sell it and use the money to purchase new resources for the library.

When deciding what to keep we look at the following criteria:

  • Condition: Items need to be suitable for the heavy usage of a public library. Materials that are damaged or defaced are not suitable.
  • Currency: In some subject areas, such as biographies and literature, the year of publication may not be relevant. However, books on subjects such as technology need to be up to date.
  • Relevance: Public libraries stock resources suitable for the needs of the general public. We do not keep highly specialised text books, such as university-level medical texts.

Local Studies materials

We are always very pleased to receive material relevant to Hornsby Shire for our Local Studies Collection. This collection preserves the history of the Shire and its people through photographs, maps, print items and other material of historical interest.

More Information

For more information please phone 9847 6807.