CSP Survey Results 2020

In October/November 2017, Council conducted a survey to assist in the development of its new Community Strategic Plan. The survey results were included in the adopted Community Strategic Plan, Your Vision | Your Future 2028 and provided a 2017 benchmark for Indicators.

To gauge progress on the Indicators to inform the End of Term Report and the development of the next Community Strategic Plan, a random telephone survey was undertaken by Jetty Research of 600 Hornsby Shire adult residents in late March 2020.

As well as garnering the community’s latest responses to Council’s adopted Indicators in the Community Strategic Plan, Your Vision | Your Future 2028, the survey gathered information on:

  • Current community priority issues
  • Satisfaction with Council’s performance overall
  • The importance and satisfaction with Council provided services and facilities.

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Sportsgrounds and facilities – Hornsby Aquatic Centre, the Thornleigh Brickpit Stadium, Greenway Park
Parks, gardens and playgrounds – Fagan Park
Bushland / green space – Galston Gorge, Crosslands Reserve, Ku-ring-gai Chase and Lane Cove National Parks, Pennant Hills Park
Libraries – Hornsby and Pennant Hills
Roads and parking

The results on the asset management portion of the survey will inform three deliberative workshops planned for October/November 2020. The workshops will facilitate conversations with community members on the opportunities, challenges and trade-offs associated with Council’s management of a diverse asset portfolio for community use. The purpose of the workshops is to increase awareness and understanding of the key issues and involve the community in a deeper understanding of the problems and issues.

What we are working on to address low ranking results
  • Council has recently developed a Car Parking Management Study which identifies gaps in parking facilities and makes recommendations on addressing them. It also contains recommendations on increased sustainable transport opportunities. This Study will be going before Council in September 2020 and consultation with the community will take place following that.
  • Council has an extensive community consultation program scheduled for later this year and into 2021 on the many strategies and technical studies that have been updated and developed to inform the Local Strategic Planning Statement, as well as on our proposed major recreation precincts at Hornsby Park and Westleigh.
What we will do with the results
  • The results from this survey will be closely integrated in the development of a Customer Experience Strategy which is currently underway.
  • In October/November 2020, we will be delving deeper into the results from the asset portion of the survey and will be having conversations with community members on the opportunities, challenges and trade-offs associated with Council’s management of a diverse asset portfolio for community use.
  • Prior to the next Council election, a customer satisfaction survey will also be commissioned.
  • Results from all of these consultations will then be used to inform development of the new Community Strategic Plan and will give the new Council information to apply to prioritisation of projects and funding when developing their Delivery Program – what they will commit to achieving over their term of office.

Read the full CSP Survey Report

Quality of Life and insight into Asset Management (2MB)