Conditions and Instructions

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  • Bulky waste collections are for large, unwanted household items only.
  • View items that are accepted for collection
  • Only place out accepted bulky waste items.
  • Not accepted items will not be collected and remain the property of the resident or Strata Management. Illegal dumping fines may apply.
  • Excess quantities will not be collected from scheduled collections and illegal dumping fines may apply.
  • Additional charges apply for excess quantities presented above the maximum permitted volumes for booked on call user pays collections, from houses or apartment complexes six (6) storeys and above. Council’s waste collection contractor (Cleanaway), has the right to invoice user pays customers for excess waste presented above the maximum permitted volumes. Properties with unpaid debts will be suspended from accessing further user pays services until the outstanding debt is settled.
  • Items must be stacked in a neat and tidy pile, not blocking footpaths, roads or driveways, outside or close as practicable to your property.
  • You must not deposit bulky waste in a Bulky Waste Collection Zone unless a collection is scheduled for your property.
  • Items must be able to be easily lifted by two people.
  • Maximum two (2) metre length for any item.
  • Box or bag any loose items.
  • All fridge and freezer doors must be removed.
  • Your bulky waste will go to a resource recovery centre where metals, wood and mattresses will be recycled.
  • Everything else goes to landfill, so bulky waste should be your “last resort” disposal option after garage sales, online sales, charitable donations and repairing or repurposing. View more information on options for unwanted items.


Bulky waste size limit houses

Three (3) cubic metres (presented in a 3m long x 1m wide x 1m high pile).

Bulky waste can be presented on the kerbside the weekend before your scheduled collection week, or the day before your booked on-call collection date.

Townhouses and Villa complexes

Find out what bulky waste collection service your property receives.

Apartment complexes

Bulky waste size limits apartments

Five (5) cubic metres (presented in a 5m long x 1m wide x 1m high pile).

For apartment complexes five (5) storeys and under

Bulky waste can be presented to the kerbside from the Saturday before your collection week and no later than the Wednesday night of your collection week, for monthly scheduled collections.

For apartment complexes six (6) storeys and above

Bulky waste can be presented to the agreed on-property collection location prior to the booked on-call collection date.