Waste and Recycling

Hornsby Shire Council is responsible for the collection of waste throughout the Shire. Find out what you need to do with your waste to ensure that it is disposed of safely and efficiently.

Domestic Waste Management Charge Increase

Council’s Domestic Waste Management Charge is increasing to cover the rising costs of waste collection, processing and disposal services. For any further queries please contact the Waste Hotline on 9847 4856.

Hornsby Shire Council is responsible for the weekly collection of red lid garbage bins and alternating, fortnightly collection of recycling (yellow lid) and garden (green lid) bins.
weekly bin collection

Your Weekly Collection

Hornsby Shire residents are among the best recyclers in Australia but sometimes it's not clear what can and cannot be recycled. Read this guide to help you sort your recycling correctly.
Reduce Reuse Recycle


There are a number of options to keep your unwanted items out of landfill, from buying or selling second hand, to donating to charities or holding a garage sale.
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Reuse Guide

Hornsby Shire Council carries out regular bulky waste collections, when residents can place large items on their nature strip to be picked up and taken to landfill or recycled.
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Bulky Waste Collection

More than 20 per cent of Hornsby Shire’s residents live in apartment buildings. Council recognises the importance of recycling and the key issues associated with recycling and apartment buildings.
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Apartment Living

Recycle your garden and food wastes by composting or worm farming. Not only does this return valuable nutrients to your garden, your are reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.
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Organic Waste

Learn how you can dispose of your waste responsibly and find the answer to your questions about waste.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hornsby Shire Council provides local businesses with a range of waste and recycling options.
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Waste and recycling services for businesses

llegal dumping costs Council and the community thousands of dollars each year and damages our environment.
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Illegal dumping

Stay up to date with exciting waste and recycling initiatives, workshops and events.
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Waste and Recycling News and Events

Waste & Recycling Enquiries
Please call the Waste Hotline on
9847 4856
Monday – Friday 8.30am - 5pm

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